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643. The different types of girls you can find in a college

Every Co Ed college will have these girls. I have not added all the types of girls in this post. There are many types of girls I have not written here. When you read this post, you will be taken back to your college days and you will say "Yes! I know one such girl". So sit back and read this. 

The babe every guy is crazy about; but no one dares to get near. 

She is very beautiful. She is every guy's dream girl in college. But guys are scared of her for reasons best known to them (Adi vaangunadhe opena solla maattanga)

The attitude girl.

She has an attitude written all over her face. She is in a world where she assumes that all guys are after her. So she invariably throws attitude all the time. Many guys hate her for this. But she craves for attention

The homely figure

This girl usually sits in the front bench in one of the side rows in the class room. She is very calm; not that extra brilliant and she has only two or three friends. Boys would not like to take them out on a date. But the boys will have them in their mind for future commitment. But these girls usually get married off soon after the college days are over

The studious girl

She is the first bencher. She will always be studying something or the other. She is the first one to raise her hands and answer questions when the lecturers poses any questions. She finishes her record work ten days before the submission date. She never shows her answers to others while writing exams.

The Master of Ceremonies

She is the William Shakespeare of the college. She is the English HOD's pet. She is automatically chosen to host the college day events.

The Biker girl

She rides heavy bikes. She is a terror on the road. She does all the stunts that many guys are scared to do. One punch from her and you have to re-align your jaw bones. She is the biker girl.

The wall flower

She is always alone in college. She does not initiate a conversation with anyone.She always gives the Autograph Cheran emotion in college. When some one approaches her and asks her a question, she gives one word answers. But once she is done with college life, she blooms into a chatterbox.

The always-on-the-Phone girl

Inside the class, she will always be on the phone messaging someone. When she goes out shopping, she will be on the phone. When she goes out with her friends, she will be on the phone again. She lives in her own world.

Over night beauty

She is the mokkai girl who always walks around the college campus with messy hair. No guy would look at her. But suddenly she will spend Rs 10,000 at some salon and will turn into an overnight beauty. She will then suddenly have many jollu parties following her. She even gets a chance to walk the ramp in college fashion show.

The Tom Boy

She climbs trees, walls and plays football with guys. She rags junior boys and she is so comfortable with guys. Guys call her machaan and accept her in their race. The girls don't like her much because the over-sentimental girls doubt that she might steal their guy. But our Tom Boy can be trusted.

The Tall girl.

She sits in the back bench because of her height. She will be taller than most of the boys in the classes. Guys respect them a lot because of fear. (Ovvaru adiyum idi pola irukkum) Even when she sits in a chair, she will be taller than people like me.

The two timer

She is a very sly human being. She knows how to use people. Those who are in love with her will not know about her true colours. Everybody else will know.

The Hogger

She eats food inside the class. During the break, she will be seen in the canteen eating something. During lunch time, she eats her lunch and also someone else's lunch. She buys lot of junk food from the shop near college. The shop wala guy know her very well. During treats given by her friends, she will surely tonsure the person who gives her a treat.

The stage girl

You can never see her in college classrooms. But when there is a college day function where they honour the chief guests, she will be there on stage wearing a saree.

The match maker

These kind of girls are the reason why many people are in love. They lend their ears to people who have starting problem in proposing. Then they give solutions. They are the cupids in human form. They also do counselling for the people involved in love. When they find out that one of the parties involved in a relationship is not being true, they will become furious and they will become match breakers.

The sappa figure who advices girls not to fall in love

When I say "Sappa Figure", I am not talking about her looks. I am referring to her character. She does not like anyone in loe. She spoils all the love affairs in college. She plants doubts in the minds of all her girl friends. According to her all the boys are bad  (She is true in one way). She is the exact dog in a manger character. She would not fall in love and she will not let anyone fall in love too. I am not adding any picture for her because she is not worth to be added in this post.


Warning: Except for three pictures, all the pictures used in this post are good friends of Chronicwriter. So think twice before sending fraansheep requests to them. 

Next Post : Different types of Boys you can find in a college.


  1. hahha enjoyed it to the core and for a second I thought my pic is put in mokka girls :P the one about homely girl is sooo true :P

    1. Why would I do that?

      I avoided a few topics like "High maintenance figures" and a few more too

    2. haha u sud have done d high maintaince one XD i m sure it wud have been funny

    3. Yes. I could have. No one would have given their pictures to me to write about them :)

  2. I hope you got permission from the three famous blogger friends - each one a legend in their own right :)

    Inni indha post a vechu ennalam pechu sangathula nadakummo!!!!

    Super post as always :)

    1. Yes boss! Permission received by me and granted by them. There are 5 bloggers there in that list :)

      Sangam ellaam summmaa. I know maan karate

  3. :O - Now I must ping my coll mates and ask them to read this :P :D I think I fall in multiple categories, the topper, the biker, the tom boy, the stage gal, the MC, and the matchmaker :O :O watte kodumai!

    1. Yes Sri, Some people fall under different categories. You are a navaratna mix indeed. I am scared of Bikers in general.

  4. Chriz lol spot on hee hee :)

  5. Chriz, can you write the similar topic on college boys as well. Interested to read on that topic too!!!

  6. Haha, very true indeed.


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