Thursday, April 24, 2014

642. I have selected India's Prime Minister

I took my Voters ID and walked into the voting booth which was a school near my house. As I entered the school, I saw some bored school teachers sitting there.

Bulb Number 1 : A cop rushed inside the school and asked me to remove my bike from the school entrance. " Sir, You look like an educated man. But can't you park the bike in the parking lot"- his words drilled a hole in my heart. With a bleeding heart, I entered the school.

Bulb Number 2: The Voting booth officer asked me to remove my cap and my coolers to make sure that I was not casting some one else's vote

Bulb Number 3: A lady smiled at me. She had a blackish blue nail polish in her hand. She asked me to show my left hand. I showed my thumb and asked her to apply nail polish on my thumb. She said that I had to show my index finger. "But Ma'm, in Bangalore they put nail polish in thumb. Why can't you do that". She said that they apply nail polish only in the index finger.

Bulb Number 4: She applied nail polish on my index finger. I guess she was drunk. If you see my index finger, you will know that she was drunk. If she is not a drunkard, she must have definitely had a nervous problem in her hands.

Bulb Number 5: I took my mobile phone for a selfie. The polling booth officer said "No photos inside the polling booth". My heart started bleeding more.

Bulb Number 6: Then I saw the electronic voting machine. There were around 23 names. Two electronic voting machines were kept side by side. My finger went near NOTA. Then suddenly Chronicwriter Instinct said "Mummy is best" and my finger moved closer to two leaf button. But during that process I was reminded that I was wearing a yellow shirt and pant. Now I was really confused. "Whom should I cast my vote?" ~ My mind was doing mental mathematics. Nalla kaalathulayae naan mathsla weak. When I was really confused, I saw the broomstick button. I had a smile on my face. On top of that button the lotus threatened me to press its button. Too much of ads on TV confused me sooooo much. Finally I saw a crow symbol in one of the buttons. It was a beautiful crow. So I finally pressed the button. When the red light came, I understood that I had pressed the wrong button. Sometimes WRONGs become the RIGHT.

Bulb Number 7: As I walked out of the voting booth, one stray dog started barking at me. I guess it did not like my yellow pants. Then another dog joined with this dog and started to bark in harmony. I had a puppy shame feeling.

Bulb Number 8: I went to the bike stand only to realize that some good soul had stolen the bike petrol from the bike. I pushed my bike all the way back to my house.

I suffered a lot to choose the PrimeMinister of our country. If only they don't lead our country well, they will either get piles or turn into Arnab Gowsami. Jai Ho



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