Thursday, April 10, 2014

635. The psychology of special characters

Just look at the special characters in your computer Keyboard for sometime. Each one of them have a story behind them. I looked at some of the special characters in my keyboard and unearthed the secret behind some of them. Here they are...

1) The underscore _ is a hyphen that obeys the law of gravity

2) The hyphen - is an underscore that has a bloated ego and flies in the air.

3) The at-the-rate @ is a very homely "a" who covers her head with a shawl. She is a traditional girl.

4) The hash # is a bad word

5) The exclamatory mark ! is a Naamam in disguise.

6) The semi-colon ; is a confused idiot. No one know where to use him in a sentence.

7) The dollar $ is a valuable commodity.

8) The double bracket { is Shikandar Dhawan's moustache when he falls on the ground drunk.

9)  The asterisk * is an all rounder like Sir Jadeja. You can use this sign as a multiplication sign in mathematics, as a Muah sign while texting, as a bullet point too.

10) The Spacebar is like NaMo. Too Big of a key in the keyboard; but nothing but a useless space.


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