Wednesday, April 09, 2014

634. My first shaving experience.

It was the summer of 1995. I had just entered my teens. By then Sachin Tendulkar had become my favorite cricketer. I started collecting posters of Sachin and started to follow every news about him. He started acting in ads. Boost, Gillette, Action shoes, Pepsi ads are still fresh in my memory.

In the Gillete Ad, Sachin would use a razor and after the single is over, he would say "Gillethee". I would mimic that same voice. Back then I still had that high pitched voice and I sounded exactly like Sachin Tendulkar. Only after my voice broke, I ended up sounding like Usha Uthup.

After seeing that ad, I developed a strong desire to attempt shaving. But I had no facial hair to shave off in the first place. I would go closer to the mirror and stare at those light brown soft whiskers between my nose and upper lip and console myself saying that is moustache. 

I would flick the eye shadow pencil from my sister's cabinet and would highlight my moustache. Still it would look very mild and thin. But I would have a sense of manliness when I walk around with a mascara moustache. Once I was convinced that I had some moustache, I decided to shave it off.

I did not know how to use a razor. My dad used a twin blade razor at that time. Back then, everyone used a single blade razor. My dad was one among the cool dudes who graded up to use a twin blade razor in the mid 90s. He had a shaving brush and a lemon flavoured shaving cream.

I was waiting for the right opportunity to use the shaving equipments to shave my moustache off. In the Gillette advertisment, Sachin would be shaving white lather. He did not have any facial hair too. So that came as a great consolation for me. If Sachin could do that, I could do that too.

So one day, when no one was noticing me, I sneaked into the bathroom with my dad's shaving kit. I stood in front of the mirror and started lathering my baby bum cheeks. I had turned the water tap on and the water flowing into the bucket sound could be heard outside. No one doubted me that I was going to shave.

I was a pimpled face boy and I started getting a burning sensation on my cheeks. The lemon smell was so strong, my mom found out that I was not taking my bath. She came and knocked the door and asked me "Chriz ! What are you doing?". "Mom! I am taking a bath" came my coy reply. I did not know that she was going to stand there till I finish shaving.

Next, I took the shaving razor and kept it near my right ear. I did not have a side burn. So I decided to start from the ear. I did not know which direction I should go. I did not even know that I should only be sliding the razor in vertical movements and if I give horizontal movements, I would be slitting my cheeks.

My first shaving move was a horizontal pull. The lather came off. I could see a small red line on my cheek in the mirror. Slowly blood started to ooze out. My first shaving project started with a cut on my cheek. Tears started to well up in my eye lids. I did not create any sound for fear of being caught.

I splashed water on that cheek and applied Ponds powder on that cheek. After sometime the blood stopped oozing out of that cut. My next attempt was on my left cheek. I dragged the razor down in vertical motion, because I had learnt my lesson from my first mistake. This time I cut open a pimple and along with the blood, puss started to ooze out. I never thought that shaving would be a painful process. More tears flowed out.

I washed my face and put that razor down. I did not continue any further. Then I took a bath and came out of the bathroom. I was received by my mother who spanked me to glory because she caught me with a swollen face. My first shaving experience was a horror story. 

Now I hate shaving. But the moustache and hair grows crazy.



  1. :>) " i ended sounding like usha uthup !!! ha ha ha

  2. My first shaving experience is very interesting.First time i don't understand how to doing shave with a safety razor blades but i am get some advice from the sit.


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