Tuesday, April 08, 2014

632. Ten tips for Writers

           I was given the name Chronicwriter in the year 2004.

      I started professional writing a year before that. 

      With a decade of experience in the writing world; I have learnt a little on presentation skills. 
      The following ten tips might be useful for the budding and upcoming writers/authors who are waiting to make it big in the writing world.

  1.     No one else would nurture your writing talent. You have to harness that skill yourself
  2.     Being a good writer with great vocabulary is one thing; being a great presenter even with a limited vocabulary is another. The latter are those who make it big in the writing world
  3.     Some writers look at others to gain inspiration. Good writers never wait for inspirations. They become the inspiration for others
  4.     Great writers become meditators when they put that pen on paper. Once the meditation ends, the writing also gets over. The output is their meditation
  5.     Writing a novel is a painstaking process. The writer often becomes a nutcase who goes into a different world during this process. Very few understand him. Sometimes he loses track of himself and when that happens he should take a break.
  6.     There are basically two great rules for writing. No one knows what those two rules are
  7.     A great writer should be a ferocious reader. If he does not have the time to read, he will only end up producing crap which he would think as great writing.
  8.     When you come across a great thought, immediately jot down that thought in your little diary. That thought will someday become a masterpiece.
  9.     The best time to write is when you are sleepy ; the best time to edit your work is when you are sober
  10.     There will be greater writers than you; there will be smarter writers than you; there will be talented writers than you; but you will be the only you in what you are strong at. No one can beat you in that. That is what you have to project.
        - Chronicwriter (Still struggling hard to get a publisher for my book)


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