Friday, March 28, 2014

628. Every gang has this guy

Every gang has this guy in it. He is the butt of all jokes in the gang. He is also the live wire for the whole group. He is the entertainment package for the rest of the members of the gang. Everyone takes him for granted and at times they even cross their limit with him; but he always maintains his cool. That is the speciality of this guy. In this post, we are going to learn 5 wonderful mantras for life from this guy

1) He makes us smile

He might be the comedy piece for the group. He knows that too. But he does not mind that. He does his duty perfectly well. He makes others smile. When he is around everyone feel light at heart. There is no vacuum among them. There is never a dull moment when he is around

2) He is thick skinned

What ever you do to him, he does not give a damn. His skin is very thick. He does feel the pain inside. But as he has taken this role, he models his skin to take the worst hits from everyone around. He lends his shoulder for everyone in the group; but there would be very less shoulders for him to lean on when he is sad. But that does not deter him. He just carries on

3) He cries in solitude

He expresses his sadness too; but in complete solitude. He is the same person who cries inside the bathroom when the tap water is running. He is the same guy who cries inside the closet. When people see him, they can see only his smile. He would have already finished his crying.

4) His dressing style is out of the world.

He wears the funky dresses one can ever see. Sometimes he wears yellow pants and green shirt. No one sets any rules for him when it comes to dressing. He creates his own fashion statement and he does not care whether others follow his style or not. Others may laugh at him; but that's their loss.

5) He is not a wannabe

He is usually the shortest/ leanest/fattest/ not-so-good-looking guy in the group. Girls love laughing at his jokes; but they would never ever want to marry him because he is a comedy piece and nothing more than that. He knows that too and still he loves being what he is. He is never a wannabe. He is just happy the way he is and he never changes himself for anyone else and he never tries to be someone else also.

I have seen people like them in all the gangs I have been in. I have learnt these 5 mantras from these guys. These guys are leading a wonderful life these days.

If you know of one such guy in your group, do let us know what you have learnt from them?



  1. Nice Analysis!!!!!

  2. I know one such guy and its really nice to have them around


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