Friday, March 21, 2014

623. Sunglasses for Summertime.

I always had a craze for sun glasses. I was introduced to sunglasses when I was a little boy. My uncle used to come home wearing a Ray Ban Coolers. He would come home, remove his glasses and keep it in his pocket. I would often ask him to allow me to touch the glasses and he would never allow me to touch the glass because it was costly and he thought I would break it.

Later, in movies, Rajnikanth started showing his antics with glasses. His cigarette throwing skill was one thing I always wanted to ape when I grew up. His next best stunt was the way he twisted his sun glasses before wearing them. I wanted to try that too. When ever my dad asked me what I wanted, I would say "I need sunglasses". Most of the time I would get sunglasses (3 for Rs 10) and that would give me headache.

In high school, when I was in class 7, my friend Rahul brought a sunglass to school. Everyone in our class got permission from him to wear the sunglasses. We would wear it and then ask our friends "How it looks?". They would say "It looks great". Then we would run to the cycle stand and use the rear view mirror in the cycles to see how we looked. It would be a horrible sight. But we never cared.

Years have passed and my love for sunglasses is still the same. Now I have the liberty to opt only for a polaroid sunglass. As it is summer time in Chennai, I have started wearing coolers everywhere. I step foot outside with my sunglasses on. Even when I walk into any office, the sunglasses are still there. Some might think it is rude to wear sunglasses while having conversations with them. But I don't think so; cos of the jill jill effect on my eyes.

Two places give me problems when I wear sunglasses.

1) A dim lit restaurant. 
I find it very hard to eat food with my sun glasses on. 

2) Peeing in the Loo
Aiming is an art. But I feel like a martial art exponent who shoots bulls eye with his eyes closed. When my shoes are wet, you should not associate that with my poor aim.

Note : Sunil Lal's comment : It is always safe to have your own shoes wet and not the one standing next to you.



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