Tuesday, March 11, 2014

622. Robber - Police Game

How many of you remember this game. This is one game that I loved the most as a young kid. The police will be asked to stand facing a tree, with the eyes closed and after counting till 50, the police will have to run around and find the hiding robbers. No one likes to be a Police while playing this game. All of us wanted to be that deadly Osama. 

The very common hide outs when this game is played indoors are 

1) Under the bed
2) Behind the door
3) Inside the shelf /cupboard
4) The store room
5) Behind the curtains.

Some Polices are so dumb that they do not even search these mandatory places. 9 out of 10 thieves are usually caught easily. The 10th thief is the creative one. He chooses places that a normal sane person would never choose in his life. While playing this game, everyone would want to be this 10th person; but due to shortage of time, most of us would settle with the standard 5 places to hide.

Even now when I reminisce about my childhood days, I always have great memories of this game. After 20 long years, I have started playing this game again. My playing partner is my 22 month old daughter Anya (She is 1 year 10 months old! This is for the math-challenged readers).

Anya is always the cop. I am the robber. She chases me in a car and I always flee in her bike. Half the time, the game becomes a chase. Instead of catching me, she would overtake me and run past me. That's when I realised that she has not understood the rules of the game. After intense coaching and training, Anya has become a super cop now.

Check this Video footage where she chases me in one of our games.



  1. That's so lovely !!!!! Anya is so lovely <3

  2. haha i remember faking the bed as if I'm hiding under a duvet and hide elsewhere!!¬ Precious times!!

  3. Your article is very helpful thank you very much for sharing .

  4. Anya IPS ku oru salute :) attention :)


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