Thursday, March 06, 2014

621. Amma is not a Summa

Amma means mother in Tamil. In TamilNadu Amma also means Power. The following pictures speak for themselves.

Note : I don't own the copyright of any of the pictures. These are pictures I found on the internet and I am sharing this here.

1) Amma can make anyone do push ups

2) Amma Blessing a Dog

3) Vishy bowed down to Carlsen. But Carlsen has to bow down to Amma

4) Amma Counselling a drunkard

5) Vaiko pleading with Amma to give one sip of lemon juice

6) Indian Robots programmed to high precision by Amma

7) Ex CM Mr. Paneer doing Suryanamaskaram Yoga to Amma

8) It is Ex CM Mr Paneer again kissing the floor as a mark of respect for Amma

9) One body guard falling at the staircase as Amma waves her hand

10) Fancy dress competition - A man acting as a Goat

11) Ex CM Mr Panneer has not brushed his teeth as Amma closes her nose

12) Pakkathu ooru Ponna Kaiya pudichu illutheeyaa?

13) Fancy dress competition - A man acting like a tortoise

14) Man sleeping in front of Amma

15) The two greatest CMs of TamilNadu

16) Amma becomes a Christian?

Some Christian preachers will be waiting for such news. Mohan C Lazaras used Nagma to preach in his conventions. I hope he won't approach Amma and get a solid bulb.

17) Amma in Angry mood

18) Amma with Manmohan Singh?

Amma : You look like Manmohan Singh
Montek Singh : But I do speak Amma

19) Semmalai kissing the carpet

 20) Amma shows her compassion for a poor father and his son

SAC : Amma , My son is a good student. He gets nice marks. Please give hall ticket to write exams
Amma : Will you copy in exams?
VJ : No amma. I will mug up and come for exams
Amma: OK. Then you can write your exams

21) Student VJ passes in public exams

VJ : Amma, I have passed the exam in flying colors
Amma : Congrats. Next year. I will make you the class thalaivan (leader)
VJ : No Amma! I will remain an ordinary student for ever.

22) Ex CM falling at the tyre of the van

I don't see any one else who is apt to become the Prime Minister of India at the moment.

My Vote is for Amma

Ammanaa Summavaa?



  1. Hilarious!!! i loved the 10th one!! made me lol!

    (er.............will i have 2 come bail u out or/and share newspaper space for commenting here?!?!?)

  2. Good compilation of photos of jayalallitha and the apt comments .

  3. // 11) Ex CM Mr Panneer has not brushed his teeth as Amma closes her nose // awesome!!!

  4. Amma Counselling drunkard and Paner has not brushed his teeth.. were epic! Good one!


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