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620. Amzath Khan - Achievers are Risk Takers

This blog post is about a friend of mine. His name is Amzath Khan. This post will definitely be useful for those who are scared to take risks in life

Year 2003.

I had just completed my BE and I had moved to Chennai to prepare for my CAT exams. I enrolled myself in IMS coaching classes for CAT preparation. I was a small town guy who was in a cosmopolitan city. The IMS coaching centre was at Egmore and I stayed near Guindy. So I used the electric train to commute to the coaching classes. It was a six month course.

In the coaching centre I became friends with three other guys.

  1. Ingersol was a Chennai guy and he had a yamaha RX100. He was the dude of the gang as he was from Chennai. 
  2. The second guy was from Erode. His name was Sirpi. Chennai was a BIG city for Sirpi too.
  3. The third guy was Amzath. Amzath hails from Salem. He was another small town guy who was finding Chennai a very modernised city.
We soon became friends. All of us joined IMS coaching classes with one aim -"To do MBA in any one of the IIMs". Within one week 3 of us understood that IIM was not our cup of coffee. Ingersol was the only guy who never lost courage. Some time friends are your biggest teasers. In our case too, we used to rag each other big time.

Ingersol : Machi! I'll do an MBA only in IIM Ahmedabad.

We will laugh at that because Ingersol even had problems in solving table number 3.

Chriz (Me) : I will publish a book one day guys

They will immediately laugh at me and tease me saying "First try to understand the difference between active voice and passive voice and then dream about publishing a book"

Sirpi : I will become a world famous dancer da.

After saying this, Sirpi will do the moonwalk and do some MJ grabs. We would not make fun of him because he was good in dancing

Amzath: Macha! I will become a film actor da

We will immediately pounce on him saying " Dai! You can't act for bananas man. All your facial reactions are one and the same"

We all wrote our CAT exams. None of us got a seat in any of the IIMs (as expected). We settled for decent B schools.

Amzath did his MBA in ISBM Pune.
Sirpi - Suryadutta- Pune
Me - Rajagiri - Cochin
Ingersol - He disappeared from the scene.


Days rolled by. We all lost touch with each other. 

Year 2008
Location : Chennai.

I came back to Chennai and through Orkut, I touched base with Amzath again. He was not the same Amzath any more. 4 years ago, the same Amzath was scared to even climb the escalator in Spencer Plaza. But in 2008, he looked so different. He was a completely new guy and I could not recognize him at first. Four years ago, his style of dressing was a tailor stitched shirt and a pleated pants. He would not even care to tuck his pants. Some sandals would adorn his feet back then. But in 2008, he looked like a hunk.

He told me that he was acting in a movie with Priya Anand. I was shocked. Just 4 years ago, I had made fun of him telling him that he could not act at all. He started acting in many short films. Though he was in a very good position - heading the marketing division of an FM channel in Chennai, Amzath decided to follow his passion. I was working in Chennai at that time. We became room mates. 

Being his room mate, I discovered that he had become more organised- a regular at the gym, balanced diet, and proper sleep time. He struggled hard to get chances in acting cos he did not have any family member to support him in the film fraternity. His first film Pugaipadam was not a great commercial success; but it did made many realise that a new actor was slowly making his presence felt in the Tamil film circuit.

After Pugaipadam, Amzath did lot of theatre shows and started acting in many short films. TV viewers would have seen him in the CSK whistle podu campaign video and in many other ads. His second big break has come in the form of Vallinam, where Amzath is playing a pivotal role in the movie. Vallinam is Director Arivalagan's second directorial venture (His first movie Eeram graced many awards)

This movie is gonna be pitched along with the likes of Sports thrillers like Lagaan and Chak De India. This movie is about the sport - basket ball. I know the story plot and I am not gonna reveal anything more in this post.

Trivia : Amzath is the only actor in the country with 8 packs. He always tells me not to write about this. The more he tells me not to write about it, the more I write about it.

He has started to act in another movie too which will hit the screens soon.

 I always ask him " Macha! Isn't it a risky profession? It ain't a stable job da?". His reply would be " I love this job and I do this with all my heart da... I would not have had this satisfaction if I had been in any desk job; cos this has always been my dream".Those who are reading this! I do not know how many great talents you might possess; but because of fear of taking risks, you might have buried your talent somewhere. If you gotta achieve, you gotta take that risk. Jordan Belfort's quote is a strong reminder for all of us. “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.- JB” . There will be lot to pull you down when you pursue your goals. They might be your family members, your friends, your colleagues. No one will know what you actually want in life. Only you know what your dream is and what your goal in life is. It is always better to follow your dreams and achieve it. Many dreams have ended up as mere dreams because the dreamers never pursued it. Sometimes procrastination also kills your dreams. If you are a lazy bum who is forever planning and not putting things into action, it is time you took that first step. The remaining steps will follow. If you are a person who is the reason for killing someone else's dreams, then my sincere advice to you is "Stop doing that! If you can't do something, at least let the other person do what he wants to do". Achievers are risk takers. I know a risk taker and I am proud to say that he is a great friend of mine. You will get used to watching him on TV from now on.

Note : Romba Advice maadhiri irundhucho? Freeya vidu. Next postla paathukalaam



  1. A truly inspirational tale of hard work and perseverance - all the best to Amzath and hope to see him in a full-fledged action-star role!!!

  2. he has exactly same name & same spelling with my husband

  3. Really Great... AMZATH... You Rock Man.... Prason thanks for Writing about Our Friend....


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