Tuesday, January 14, 2014

610. Happy PonGal

Today is Pongal ( A Tamil festival). Rangolis adore the streets in TamilNadu. Even the moothira sandhus in TamilNadu (Urine streets) are decorated with Rangoli today.

The TV channels are packed with shows where some Cine celebrity is interviewed. The 3 hour long sensational movie Thalaiva will be screened on TV today. Read Thalaiva Review here [link]. Please stay away from that channel for those three hours. This post is written with a public interest to safeguard your life.

Tomorrow is Happy Cow PonGal day. The cows will be decorated in Rangoli. I love cows. I have been drinking cow milk for 31 long years. I have not tasted Komiyam (Cow Urine) though. There are some people who drink Cow Urine. I have not tasted it; but I have eaten cow meat. They taste good.

When ever I think of Cow Pongal, I am always reminded of kappa Biriyani. Those who have tasted Kappa Biriyani will know what I am talking about. Kappa Biriyani  (Beef + Tapioca) is a dish from Kerala and that is my second favorite dish in the world. No wonder I love cows.

Mean while Sunny Leone has declined an offer to act in a sensuous scene in a movie. Chronicwriter wishes a Happy PornGal to Sunny Leone. (This is Marana Mokka)



  1. Your humor sense is way out of this world

  2. Gosh!!! Thanks for d info on d u-kno-wat sandhus!! knowing that makes me feel better, if only for a day and makes d holiday worthwhile!! :P

  3. The best comedy is that you translated tamil to english and reading "Cow pongal" is soo funny.


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