Monday, January 13, 2014

609.Beautiful girl marries Ugly man

Look at this girl. She is cute and very good looking.

Now! Look at that guy. He is not good looking (Like the author of this page)

This girl "Emma" is a noble person. She has a heart of Gold. She married him even after knowing that he is ugly. This is a classic example that all women do not go behind men with good looks. My vote is for her to win the noble prize for this year.

Roger Marwyn- the guy who married Emma was elated. He choked while speaking to reporters about their wedding. "I never expected that I will ever marry a beautiful girl like Emma. I used to think only Reel life heroes get to marry such beautiful women. But Emma proved me wrong".

Believe me! The $181 million has nothing to do with Emma marrying Roger.



  1. I believe so..the last point :D..

  2. Heart you say? I thought she has large something else like two large personalties.

  3. LOl...ugly is nothing..even if he had been two decades older, dear Noble Heart Emma would have agreed!

  4. I believe she did that to get his $181 million.:P

  5. I feel bad for the dude! She is using him for his money.


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