When a Christian girl or a Christian guy suddenly becomes more spiritual in social media platforms (especially on Facebook), chances are that they might be on the look out for a life partner. In the world of arranged marriages, the parents would usually search for a spiritual person as a life partner for their son/daughter. But Is spirituality the real factor that parents look for? or Is there anything else that really matters most? This post will analyse this mystery.

I am a Christian and hence I am taking a dig at people from the religion I follow. I don't want to comment on how people in other religions behave on this issue.

Have you seen a Matrimony site? Those who have enrolled themselves in matrimony sites would know what it really looks like. It is a battle field, where one will beef up their profile with hopes of getting a wonderful life partner. I registered myself in a matrimony site for a year and searched for a life partner too. My profile was fully complete except for one column. I did not fill the "Salary" column in my profile.  The moment people came to know that I was working for an NGO, it acted as a turn off for them. The common groom from India basically works in an IT firm drawing a huge salary; and I was not the common man at that point of time.

Some of the common "About Me" Sections in a  Christian matrimony site are

//1) My daughter is a God fearing girl who takes sunday school classes. She cooks well and sings well. We are looking for a son-in-law who is God fearing and who will love my daughter with all his heart//

This father has portrayed his daughter as a Spiritual girl and he has also mentioned that he was also looking for a spiritual son in law. In their partner preference, he has never mentioned that he was looking for a guy with a six digit salary.

//2. My daughter is very fair, slim and beautiful. She has good homely manners and takes care of the family very well. We would the groom to be well mannered , with no bad habits and who is born again//

This father has also mentioned that he wanted a Born again (spiritual) Christian groom. He has also marketed his daughter well by saying that she is fair and slim, knowing very well that many guys will fall for slim and fair girls. This girl has high chances of getting married soon.

What do Girls look for in marriage?

Even if you disagree with me, the top most thing that a Christian girl looks for in marriage is financial security. If the guy earns a big salary, many girls do not even care even if he has bad habits, lacks character and is a total wastrel. Why do I say this? Even Non Christian girls might fall under the same category. But I can't speak about them as I do not know about their preferences yet. Why am I saying that "Money" plays a major role for Girls? The reason is this.

Two months back, I created a matrimony profile for a friend of mine who is looking for a girl. I did not spend much time in filling the details in his profile. I did not even bother to add his details on what he does and what kind of person he is. I just filled one column and that is his salary. He earns a six digit salary and I filled that detail in his profile. The very next day many girls sent " Interest" to his profile. Some fathers even called me on my mobile and started telling that they are very much interested in my friend's profile.

I checked the profile of the girls and they had not mentioned in the profile that they are looking for  guy who earns a six digit salary. All they have mentioned in their profile is that they are Born again, Spiritual, God fearing, Anointed, Immersion Baptized etc... But none of the girls ever asked whether my friend was God fearing or not. They just fell for his salary.

So Guys! If you are looking for a life partner, do not bother to fill any detail in your "About Me" section. Just fill your salary as a six digit salary. You will have girls flocking for you.  This picture below is a screen shot of the interests shown by girls on one single day for my friend's profile just because he earns a six digit salary. Trust me! I receive a minimum of 25 requests every day. All these girls have mentioned that they want a "God fearing guy" as their life partner.

Now the girls will be really angry with me for exposing their real intentions in this post. So obviously they would ask " What about Guys?"

What do Guys look for in a girl for marriage?

Even if a guy says that he wants a spiritual, anointed born again, girl as a life partner, if he sees a slim, fair, beautiful girl, nothing else would matter for him. That is what tops the list for guys. Even if the girl is dark, if she has the features of Bipasha Basu, the guy will be floored.

I know a friend who always says  "I will pray to God and God will tell me who my life partner would be". I have suggested many girls to him and after seeing the girls, he would say that God has not shown them to him. Obviously those girls would be fat and dark. One fine day when we showed a fair, slim girl to him he immediately said OK. He forgot to pray and ask God for guidance for the fair girl. Apparently the fair girl rejected him for another guy who earned more than him.

Guys! Everyone knows that you prefer white skin girls. What bout girls with white hair?

People use the words " God's will, God fearing, Spiritual" just for the sake of using it. God is just a pickle for those who run after fair skin and big wallets.

- Chronicwriter.