Thursday, January 30, 2014

616. Rahul Gandhi is an Engineering student

The following are ten reasons why Rahul Gandhi is definitely an Engineering Student.

1) Rahul Gandhi can answer any question even when he does not understand the question.

2) Rahul Gandhi handled Arnab Gowsami like How Engineering students handle the Viva Invigilator.

3) Rahul Gandhi can handle ragging like a true Engineering student. He can handle pain. (Evlo adichaalum thaanguvaar). In some ways, he is similar to Vadivelu.

4) He has a soft corner for women. But he also wants to empower them. This is a true trait of an engineering student. Don't ask me how. Only those who could connect the two examples can understand the pun in this sentence.

5) A two mark question sometimes can be answered in 5 pages too. There is always a craze for taking that additional answer paper while writing exams.

6) When an Engineering student does not know an answer to a question he will start filling the answer sheet with acronyms that no one understands.

7) Rahul Gandhi is still single. In this case, he is a Mechanical Engineering student.

8) Rahul Gandhi was the first guest who spoke more than Arnab Gowsami. Only Engineering students can do that to lecturers.

9) Rahul Gandhi knows what ragging is, after his one hour session with Arnab. Every Engineering student knows what ragging is (In the case of private colleges, the management is the one that rags the students)

10) Many Engineering students do not even know what to do after getting a degree. 

If Rahul is an Engineering student, then what about NaMo?

NaMo is a college drop out. If he does not like the lecturer, he would just walk out of the college (Check NaMos interview with Karan Thappar)

Note: News reports reveal that Arnab Gowsami has received an arrest warrant for alleged Child Abuse. (Sutta News)


(Chronicwriter is an Instrumentation Engineer. Now his current job has nothing to do with Engineering)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

615. The weird friends in my life

We all have that one weird friend in life. Some of us have many weird friends. Here is a summary of some of the weird friends I have in life.

1) Rin Friend :

She uses Rin soap to take bath.

2) The Let-Go friend:

He pings me on my FB messenger when he is in the loo. I would ask him “Hey What you doing?”. He would reply “I am letting it go”. I would ask him “Letting go of what?”. He will immediately take a selfie and send the photo to my inbox.

3) The Killer friend:

She goes to the beauty parlour every week. Sometimes she colours her hair. Sometimes she does pedicure / Manicure.  She reminds me of how I used to be in my college days. Last week she went to a fish spa. The beautician washed her feet in warm water and then asked to soak her feet in a water tub filled with colourful fish. She did all that. After a few minutes, the fish in the tub started to float. On a closer look, she found that the fish were all dying. She was immediately asked to remove her legs from the tub and asked to leave the parlour. This happened in Phoenix mall in Chennai.

4) The Drunk Lover:

He is the biggest drunkard I have seen in my life. We used to drink together in our college days. I used to get high even before I finish my first bottle of beer. He would be steady even after finishing 8 bottles of beer. The sad part of the story is, I quit drinking but he has not. When I get a phone call at 2 am in the morning, It is always him. When I ask him “Why do you drink like this?”, his reply would be  “If I stop drinking, how will you realise that I remember you at 2 am in the morning?”. I am hundred percent sure that he flicked that line from some where

5) The LIKE friend:

I am scared of her when she is online. She will ping me for some useless things. “Hey Chriz, I have uploaded a new profile picture. Please like that picture” , “Hi Chriz, please be my neighbour in Farmville”, “Dude, I am participating in a photo competition. Click this link and like the picture and make me win”

6) The Crazy about me Friends

Off late I am receiving lot of emails from girls who are crazy about me. This is one such email.

goodnessrossi55@hotmail.comHello my dear how are you i hope that you are fine please try to contact me in my email ( so that i will give you my picture for you to know who i am, and i aminterested to make friend with please try to contact me in my box because i don't have any access to reply your message in my facebook try to reply me in my email box ok.Thanks.Yours Truly Friend,goodness.

She is my only TRULY friend. Do you have a TRULY friend in your life?

7) The Money Friend

There is a group of people who suddenly get close with me when I have money in my hand. I don’t have a clue how they find out when I get a lump sum of money. These are the ones I am really vary of in life. I keep them at a distance. Beware of them. I will always trust a drunkard. But I will never trust these fellas. 


(Note: I am a weird friend to all my friends)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

614. Psychology of Indian Cricketers and Fans

I am an ardent fan of team India. Indian cricket team is known for their amazing performance in the home turf. They are also known for their dismal performances in foreign soil. Everyone knows this truth and let us not get into a debate on why they behave like that in different conditions. The following pictures give a very clear picture about the psychology of the Indian Cricketers. You will understand this post better only if you have seen Comedian Vadivelu from close quarters.

1) Indian Cricketers / Fans/ Media when India plays in home soil.

2) Indian fans when India plays in Home soil

3) Indian Media creating hype before Indian cricket team starts playing in an away series

4) Indian cricketers playing against the opposition in away conditions

5) The Indian cricket team returns home from a heavy mauling

6)  Die hard Indian cricket fans who never lose hope ( Chronicwriter belong to this group) 

So far we analyzed the psych of every Indian when they play home and away matches. Now let me dig a little deeper and analyse the psych of an Individual Indian cricketer when he plays matches at home and abroad. Just by looking at the picture and his mustache, you will understand who this cricketer is.

1) Psych of the Shikakaaai Dhamaaal when he plays in Home conditions

2) Shikakaaai Dhamaaal preparing to play in foreign conditions

3)  Shikakaaai Dhamaaal walking in to open the batting for India in foreign conditions

4) Shikakaaai Dhamaaal's wide array of shots in away series.

Finally the Indian fans response to the other teams

- Chronicwriter ( A true Indian Fan- Jai Ho)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

613. How to tell the difference between a Cow and a Bull?

Today is Cow Pongal. Cow Pongal is a Tamil festival where Cows are dressed up in Halloween costumes and people play the holi festival on the same cows by spraying colors on them. 

The Cows and Bulls are treated with respect on this day. Even though Chronicwriter is crazy about Beef Fry, he refrains from eating Beef on this day as a mark of respect for the cows and the bulls.

In some parts of Tamilnadu, men play Kabbadi with the Bulls and this game is called as Jallikattu. The bulls are made to run one after the other in a track and hundreds of men will attack the bull and eventually some guy will tame the bull. This guy will then be crowned as the jallikattu champion. The Bulls that beat all the men till the finish line get a crown too. 

I always have a great problem in finding the difference between a bull and a cow.

Finding 1:

Some say that the bull has a longer nose than the cow. 

But in such a case, if there are two bulls, should I treat the bull that has a shorter nose as a cow? I can't. So this argument goes Invalid.

Finding 2:

The Cow moos and the Bull Boos. 

Going by that example, I would even have problem in misrepresenting human beings for Bulls.

Finding 3:

Cows do not shit. They only fart. On the other hand Bulls always shit and they never fart. This is why they never use the slang "Cow Shit". People always say "Bull Shit"

Though this argument sounds logical, I don't think it is true, More over I can't wait that long for the animal to do its excretory activity to identify if it is a cow or a bull. What if it is a cow? It won't shit at all. It will only fart; and every time the cow farts, I would get reminded of my friend Robert. I will dedicate a separate post about the fart attacks of Robert.

Finding 4:

Cow's don't have horns; Bulls have horns.

I know this is a wrong finding.

Finding 5 :

Milk the animal. If you get milk, it is a cow; If the animal smiles, it is a bull.

Now I know how to differentiate between a cow and a bull.

Happy Cow Pongal.

Do not eat cow meat; But you can drink their urine. It is called Komiyam. ( I am a vegetarian for today)


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

612. Anya plays like Javed Mianded

Today we bought a plastic bat for Anya. We asked her to select a bat of her choice. She chose a bat which had Irfan Pathan's picture in it. She rejected Yusuf Pathan, Dinesh Karthik and Rohit Sharma.

After coming home, she made me bowl to her. I would roll the plastic ball towards her and she would make a wild swing.

Whether she connects the ball or not, she made sure that the bat connected with some part of my body every time. Now I am typing this post in pain.

Her batting style reminded me of the infamous Javed Mianded spat with Dennis Lillie.

Some of you might not be knowing about that infamous incident. For such people, I am posting the video of the fight. Watch and enjoy.

Lesson learnt : Groin guards are a must even when you play with a plastic ball and a plastic bat.

- Chronicwriter.

611. Jilla- Best Movie Review

First class movie review about Jilla

Jilla Movie
Actors : Dr. Joseph Vijay, Kajal Agarwal, Mohanlal

To read a detailed review about the movie Jilla, please see the picture below.


610. Happy PonGal

Today is Pongal ( A Tamil festival). Rangolis adore the streets in TamilNadu. Even the moothira sandhus in TamilNadu (Urine streets) are decorated with Rangoli today.

The TV channels are packed with shows where some Cine celebrity is interviewed. The 3 hour long sensational movie Thalaiva will be screened on TV today. Read Thalaiva Review here [link]. Please stay away from that channel for those three hours. This post is written with a public interest to safeguard your life.

Tomorrow is Happy Cow PonGal day. The cows will be decorated in Rangoli. I love cows. I have been drinking cow milk for 31 long years. I have not tasted Komiyam (Cow Urine) though. There are some people who drink Cow Urine. I have not tasted it; but I have eaten cow meat. They taste good.

When ever I think of Cow Pongal, I am always reminded of kappa Biriyani. Those who have tasted Kappa Biriyani will know what I am talking about. Kappa Biriyani  (Beef + Tapioca) is a dish from Kerala and that is my second favorite dish in the world. No wonder I love cows.

Mean while Sunny Leone has declined an offer to act in a sensuous scene in a movie. Chronicwriter wishes a Happy PornGal to Sunny Leone. (This is Marana Mokka)


Monday, January 13, 2014

609.Beautiful girl marries Ugly man

Look at this girl. She is cute and very good looking.

Now! Look at that guy. He is not good looking (Like the author of this page)

This girl "Emma" is a noble person. She has a heart of Gold. She married him even after knowing that he is ugly. This is a classic example that all women do not go behind men with good looks. My vote is for her to win the noble prize for this year.

Roger Marwyn- the guy who married Emma was elated. He choked while speaking to reporters about their wedding. "I never expected that I will ever marry a beautiful girl like Emma. I used to think only Reel life heroes get to marry such beautiful women. But Emma proved me wrong".

Believe me! The $181 million has nothing to do with Emma marrying Roger.


Thursday, January 09, 2014

608. Nine Amazing Photographs

These days every one has a photography page. The saddest part is even those who do not know how to click good pictures call themselves as photographers.

Every one are running behind some DSLR cameras and most of them have a picture like this as one of their display pictures on Facebook.

In order to stay in the competition, Chronicwriter started his own Photography page called Chronicwriter Photography. Some of the wonderful and marvelous photographs shot by Chronicwriter and his team are added in this post. Some of these techniques are not used by any other Photography groups around the world. People might steal ideas from this blog. But as Chronicwriter is a paari vallal (generous), he does not mind people stealing ideas from this blog. 

1) Anastasia Malgova is our latest photographer. She specializes in reverse osmosis photography. She takes under water photography and also specializes in clicking underground pictures. She is generally used for sting operations when ever there is an under the table dealing. She is Chronicwriter's favorite photographer.

2)This is magic photography. This course was done by our special fantastic photographers in Antartica and our photographers have done fantastic PhD's in this technique.

3) Chronicwriter Photography has now recruited Losama Aiden as their portrait photography specialist. He is very good in taking selfies. President Obama wanted to recruit him for taking his picture during Nelson Mandela's funeral. But Chronicwriter did not let Losama Aiden to shoot Obama.

4) Chronicwriter Photography are specialists in taking group photos. The group photos bring back memories for friends and photos like this bring back nostalgic feelings. 

This Photograph was shot in Nikon D600 DSLR cmera. The group of posers were specially prepared by our team of photographers for this fantastic photo.

5) One of our fashion photographers Ramesh Srivatsan in action clicking pictures of our fashion model Anna Alxina. This picture will feature in the 2013 Victorea's Secret Calendar. 

Camera : Pentax K 1000
Location : African Undisclosed jungle.

6) Shilpa Sebastian is the Transit Photographer of Chronicwriter Phtography. She has an eye for details. While she was travelling in a train in England, she saw this big hoarding on the road. Immediately she clicked this snap from the fast moving train. 

Camera Used : Mitsubishi N405BG
Technique used : Thangappa Thakkam

7) Chronicwriter Photography is very sad to announce that one of their best photographers "Kajmal Basab" has been dismissed because of disciplinary issues. As we are a very transparent business entity we are disclosing the reasons for his dismissal here.

Kajmal is a world renowned photographer who specializes in clicking pictures of fashion models. In one such photography session he tried to add glamour to the model and in the process removed the belly button of the famous Russian Model Blaudia Sneeshisikova. 

We would miss Kajmal; but we would like to announce that we maintain diginity, decency and decorum in our photographs.

This is the photo that cost Kajmal , his job

8) This magnificent picture was taken near the leaning tower of Pisa by our drunk photographer Ivalony Masculianov. Ivalony was sloshed when he took this picture. This type of photography is the first of its kind photographic technique and it will be soon added in the syllabus for photography degree courses all around the globe. This is also called a drunken monkey style photograph.

9) This photograph was taken in the first night of Raja and Monica. The lights were switched off and this is what our fantastic photographers shot.

First Night Photography : This picture was taken in SLT A57K Sony camera by our first class photographer.
As this is an adult rated picture, I am providing only the link for the picture. Children are requested to see this picture without the knowledge of their parents. 

Click this to see the Adult Rated picture

- Chronicwriter.

607. Husband and Wife jokes

This is a copy -paste post. This post contains a few jokes about husbands, wives and about marriage. 

Do not take it personally. 

You might have seen these jokes. But the whole point of writing all these jokes is to read through them again to have a good laugh. 

We call these jokes as  "Josyl Annan" jokes. Josyl annan is an online friend of mine. He is known for jokes like these.

 I have taken all these jokes from his timeline on Facebook. 

Enjoy these jokes. 

1 ) Advice to Male youngsters, If you want to change the country do it now, because, once you get married, you can't even change the TV channel

2) Argument with a wife is like reading the Software License Agreement.In the end, you ignore everything and click 'I agree'

3) Patient : Doctor, When ever I see my wife, I start to shiver. Is anything wrong with me?
Doctor : You are perfectly normal.

4) Husband: Do you know what Hypnosis means?
Wife: It is nothing but controlling someone's mind and making them behave the way you want to....
Husband: Liar, that is called 'Marriage'

5) Husband : I should burn my brains in the gas stove for marrying you
Wife : We have the gas stove. Where will you go for the brains?

6) Customer : Barber, please cut my hair short
Barber : How short?
Customer : Very short, so that my wife will not be able to grip it when she beats me

7) Someone asked an old man: "Even aftr 70yrs, u still cal ur wife Darling, Honey, Luv. Whats the secret?
Old man:I forgot her name 10 yrs ago & I'm scard 2 ask her 

8) A cockroach's last words to a married man who is about to kill him:- "Go ahead & kill me, u coward! U r jealous of me coz ur wife is afraid of me & not afraid of u."

9) Once Mom asked: Whom do you Love more? Me or your Wife?
Husband replied: I don't know.. but your Love makes me forget my Wife & Her Love & care reminds me of You!

10) Husband sent a text to his wife at night,"Hi I will get late, please try and wash all my dirty clothes
and make sure you prepare my favorite dish before I return."

He sent another text,"And I forgot to tell you that I got an increase in my salary at the end of the month I'm getting you a new car"

She texted back, "OMG really?"

Husband replied, "No I just wanted to make sure you got my first message".

11) A shocking note left by a wife while going out for shopping...

"Dear Husband..Your wallet was getting fat so i am taking it out for a walk" 

12) A woman was kidnapped, the kidnapper cut her finger and sent to her husband to ask money.
Husband replied "I want more proof, Send me her HEAD NOW." 

13) Doctor: Howz your headache now..??
Patient: Ohh...!! She is out of town... 

14) Wife comes home late at night and quietly opens the door to her bedroom. From under the blanket
she sees four legs instead of two! She reaches for a baseball bat and starts hitting the blanket as hard as she can. Once she's done,she goes to the kitchen to have a drink.

As she enters, she sees her husband there, reading a magazine. :"hi darling", he says,"your parents have come to visit us, so I let them stay in our bedroom. Hope you have said hello to them.

15) Wife: Honey before we got married you used to give me gifts and expensive jewelry.
Husband : Yes.... And?
Wife: how come you don't nowadays?
Husband: have you ever seen a fisherman give worms to a fish after catching it?

16) Wife : Why are you crying like this watching this mega serial?
Husband : See carefully. It is our wedding CD.

17) Husband was seriously ill.
Doc to wife :- Give him healthy breakfast, be pleasant & in gud mood, don't discuss ur problems, no tv serial, dont demand new clothes & gold jewels, Do this for 1 yr & he will be ok.

On the way home.
Husband :- wat did the doc say ?
Wife :- No chance for u to survive.

Note: If you can't handle these jokes and if you feel like banging your head, please go ahead and do that. Do not try to attack me with your comments. Already I have been attacked big time. Be kind to me. Please.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

606. Mr.Bean is an Engineer. So What?

Recently some great mind uploaded this picture on FaceBook and it has been shared by thousands of people. At first I just saw that as a picture.

The picture conveys the message that Rowan Atkinson has made a big sacrifice by becoming a comedian where as he could have become a world famous Electrical Engineer.

Has Rowan Atkinson lost anything by becoming a Comedian?

Is the comedy business a cheap business? Why do people have to write " He STILL chose to be a comedian" as if the Comedy circuit was something similar to begging.

We must know that because he chose to be an entertainer through the stream of humor, he has created a brand for himself. Many do not even know his real name. The world knows him by his screen name Mr. Bean. That is the power of the brand he has created and he has excelled in it.

If the poster is meaningful by even 1 percentage, then we have to start looking at all the Engineering degree holders in India. You can see an engineer in every nook and corner of India. What do they do? I know Engineers who are auto drivers. I know Engineers who are cab drivers. I know Engineers who sell grocery in Koyambedu Market in Chennai. They have done a greater sacrifice than Mr. Rowan Atkinson. Every one of us have sacrificed something or the other.

I am a big fan of Sir. Rowan Atkinson. He makes us all laugh. He has not done any sacrifice. He has just followed his passion. If following his passion is called as sacrifice, then we should recycle our thinking process.

I am an Engineer too ( An Instrumentation Engineer). Please do not ask me any thing about Instrumentation Engineering. Even if you ask me any doubts in it, I would not be able to answer it for you because I really do not know the answer. (Enakku Theriyaadhu. Bit adichu pass pannavan kitta keakkura kelviyaa idhu).

Follow your passion and Live your dream.


Sunday, January 05, 2014

605. I want to marry a fair girl

When a Christian girl or a Christian guy suddenly becomes more spiritual in social media platforms (especially on Facebook), chances are that they might be on the look out for a life partner. In the world of arranged marriages, the parents would usually search for a spiritual person as a life partner for their son/daughter. But Is spirituality the real factor that parents look for? or Is there anything else that really matters most? This post will analyse this mystery.

I am a Christian and hence I am taking a dig at people from the religion I follow. I don't want to comment on how people in other religions behave on this issue.

Have you seen a Matrimony site? Those who have enrolled themselves in matrimony sites would know what it really looks like. It is a battle field, where one will beef up their profile with hopes of getting a wonderful life partner. I registered myself in a matrimony site for a year and searched for a life partner too. My profile was fully complete except for one column. I did not fill the "Salary" column in my profile.  The moment people came to know that I was working for an NGO, it acted as a turn off for them. The common groom from India basically works in an IT firm drawing a huge salary; and I was not the common man at that point of time.

Some of the common "About Me" Sections in a  Christian matrimony site are

//1) My daughter is a God fearing girl who takes sunday school classes. She cooks well and sings well. We are looking for a son-in-law who is God fearing and who will love my daughter with all his heart//

This father has portrayed his daughter as a Spiritual girl and he has also mentioned that he was also looking for a spiritual son in law. In their partner preference, he has never mentioned that he was looking for a guy with a six digit salary.

//2. My daughter is very fair, slim and beautiful. She has good homely manners and takes care of the family very well. We would the groom to be well mannered , with no bad habits and who is born again//

This father has also mentioned that he wanted a Born again (spiritual) Christian groom. He has also marketed his daughter well by saying that she is fair and slim, knowing very well that many guys will fall for slim and fair girls. This girl has high chances of getting married soon.

What do Girls look for in marriage?

Even if you disagree with me, the top most thing that a Christian girl looks for in marriage is financial security. If the guy earns a big salary, many girls do not even care even if he has bad habits, lacks character and is a total wastrel. Why do I say this? Even Non Christian girls might fall under the same category. But I can't speak about them as I do not know about their preferences yet. Why am I saying that "Money" plays a major role for Girls? The reason is this.

Two months back, I created a matrimony profile for a friend of mine who is looking for a girl. I did not spend much time in filling the details in his profile. I did not even bother to add his details on what he does and what kind of person he is. I just filled one column and that is his salary. He earns a six digit salary and I filled that detail in his profile. The very next day many girls sent " Interest" to his profile. Some fathers even called me on my mobile and started telling that they are very much interested in my friend's profile.

I checked the profile of the girls and they had not mentioned in the profile that they are looking for  guy who earns a six digit salary. All they have mentioned in their profile is that they are Born again, Spiritual, God fearing, Anointed, Immersion Baptized etc... But none of the girls ever asked whether my friend was God fearing or not. They just fell for his salary.

So Guys! If you are looking for a life partner, do not bother to fill any detail in your "About Me" section. Just fill your salary as a six digit salary. You will have girls flocking for you.  This picture below is a screen shot of the interests shown by girls on one single day for my friend's profile just because he earns a six digit salary. Trust me! I receive a minimum of 25 requests every day. All these girls have mentioned that they want a "God fearing guy" as their life partner.

Now the girls will be really angry with me for exposing their real intentions in this post. So obviously they would ask " What about Guys?"

What do Guys look for in a girl for marriage?

Even if a guy says that he wants a spiritual, anointed born again, girl as a life partner, if he sees a slim, fair, beautiful girl, nothing else would matter for him. That is what tops the list for guys. Even if the girl is dark, if she has the features of Bipasha Basu, the guy will be floored.

I know a friend who always says  "I will pray to God and God will tell me who my life partner would be". I have suggested many girls to him and after seeing the girls, he would say that God has not shown them to him. Obviously those girls would be fat and dark. One fine day when we showed a fair, slim girl to him he immediately said OK. He forgot to pray and ask God for guidance for the fair girl. Apparently the fair girl rejected him for another guy who earned more than him.

Guys! Everyone knows that you prefer white skin girls. What bout girls with white hair?

People use the words " God's will, God fearing, Spiritual" just for the sake of using it. God is just a pickle for those who run after fair skin and big wallets.

- Chronicwriter.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

604 . Maruthuva Malai - Southern most mountain in India.

On the first day of the year, I am typing this post with a hamstring pull. It is because I climbed the southern most mountain in India yesterday. Many might not know this place. The name of the mountain is Maruthuva Malai ( Medicinal Mountain) . It is also called as "marundhuvaazh malai" (Doctor's Hive). The mountain is located 5 kms north from the southern tip of India. One has to drive to the foot of the mountain. It is not yet a tourist spot and hence it is not yet polluted like Kanyakumari. You can not set foot in Kanyakumari during this season. Kanyakumari is a plastic free zone; but they have not banned people from shitting on the shores.

Coming back to Maruthuva Malai, I am gonna tell you how to climb this mountain. The next time you visit, Nagercoil or Kanyakumari, plan to climb this mountain also. It is a 500 metre tall mountain (Just over half a km altitude). It takes 1 hour to reach the top (for slow climbers). The regular trekkers can reach the top in 40 minutes. I have added a few pictures taken over the last ten years of my trek to this mountain. This is still one of my favorite spots in the world. As I take you through the picture ride, you will understand why I rate this at the very top in my favorite spot list.

1) The climb

When you drive towards Kanyakumari, please keep an eye on the mountain ranges on the left side. Just 5 kms before you reach Kanyakumari, you can see the final mount. It is a small mountain and that is Maruthuva Malai for you. You can drive to the foot of the mountain and park your car. The locals might collect a parking fee of Rs 20. You can help them. They do not cheat. They are very helpful people indeed. From the foot of the hill to an altitude of 200 metres, steps are constructed to help you climb the mountain. You might think that this is the easiest aid for you. But trust me on this. The steps are the objects that make your legs weak. Once you climb the steps you might experience pain in your calf mustles and your hamstrings.

2) The first intermediate Spot.

On completion of the climb through the steps, you will reach a spot from where you can have a good picturesque view of the western coastline of India. The Arabian sea will welcome you from this location. You can catch a glimpse of the tsunami affected (26 Dec 2004) areas from this place. The Manakudi bridge can be spotted from this place. During the tsunami, the whole bridge collapsed and thousands of people lost their lives. You can have your first cup of water at this location. Do not drink more than 200 ml of water as it will make it tough for you to climb. The best drink is lime juice with salt water. This will not allow you to get dehydrated.

3) The well. 

There is a well at this spot. It is a fresh water well. Ten years ago, we used to drink water from this place. But now people have polluted this place by spitting pan, and littering it with plastic bottles. The next 200 meters will take you through an adventure trip, because you have to climb rocks.

4) The Rocky part of the trek

This is the most adventurous part of the climb. Do not take rest during this trek. It is another 200 meter (altitude) climb. This is the second phase of your climb and it will sap your energy. You do not need ropes to climb this part. All you have to do is just keep climbing at a steady phase.

5 ) The tree rest 

Once you cross the second phase of your climb, you will reach this place where you can take rest under a tree. The view from this place will be awesome. You can even see the southern tip of the country. But when you reach the top, the view will be magnificient.

6) The last phase : Climb to the top 

The last phase of the trip will be a memorable one for all the photography lovers. This 100 metre altitude trek will take you through some rough cliffs and dangerous curves of the mountain.

7) The caves.

There are 200 caves in maruthuva malai. Lot of sithars and yogis will be meditating inside the caves. Just 3 of these caves are accessible for regular mountain climbers. If you need to go to all the caves, you need mountaineering equipments. This is a cave where a Kerala sage NarayanaGuru came and meditated. It is a holy place for the followers of Narayana Guru. The air in this cave is clean and it is a perfect setting for meditators.

8) Way to Jelly Cave

My friend Prasanna is posing in front of the jelly cave. I named it jelly cave because there is a kind of herb near this cave which when mixed with a bottle of water, makes that water into a jelly substance. Many sages who come to this mountain use this herb to convert water into the herb jelly and by eating that jelly, they can meditate for a week without drinking water. The name of the mountain is maruthuva malai because many medicinal herbs are found in this mountain. This is another reason, why an early morning climb of this mountain is very good for your health.

9) The windmills

Once you reach the top of the mountain, you can see these windmills. These wind mills are on the east coast (Bay of Bengal) . You can see a rainbow in this picture below. It rained that day when we climbed the mountain. It was a experience I will never forget.

10 ) The meditation Rock

The meditation rock will be a dream-come-true spot for yoga lovers. The picture below captures a group of fraud meditators who are acting for a photograph. If Shiva had not smiled, people might have thought that we are professionals.

11 ) The Pinnacle 

This is the highest point of maruthuva malai. There is a temple at this spot.

12) The Scenic location

13) The Three Oceans

Take a closer look at this picture(click picture for enlarged view). The southern tip of India can be seen in this picture. The Vivekananda rock, Thiruvalluvar statue can also be seen in this photo. Kanyakumari is known for the sun rise and sunset spots. But have you seen the sun rise from this spot? If not, you should reach this place before sun rise. Trust me! It is hundred times better than what you see at Kanyakumari.

14) Fresh water streams

You can see fresh water streams from the top of the mountain. When you climb down, you can head to one of these spots and take bath. I will write about some of these spots sometime in future.

15) A picture from memory lane.

Pictures like this will help you to remember the conversations you had during the trek. I have climbed this place more than 20 times and I will love to climb this mountain any number of times as long as I have good company. Wanna trek with me?

Note : The climb down might look easy. Your legs might start to shiver when you are going down. Do not fret. It is a natural thing. You might experience some cramps for two or three days, if you have not phased your climb properly. It will teach you how to walk properly.