Wednesday, November 13, 2013

596. Nose Pickers

Everyone reading this post would have picked their nose at one part of their lives. Elders would have taught us that picking the nose in public is a bad habit.

In school, the teachers would punish the children if they picked their nose. But irrespective of all these, everyone still pick their noses.

This article explores into the minds of people to identify the different kinds of nose pickers. All these categories of people live among us.

The Philosopher

The Philosopher takes his or her own time during the nose picking process. They put their thumb inside their nose and then make a roll out of the booger and keep that roll between their thumb and the index finger and look at it for a long time before disposing it.

The Archaeologist

The archaeologist is a digger. He digs deep even if there is no treasure inside the nose. Some times he finds water and at times he does not find anything. There are archaeologists who even have got their fingers stuck inside the nose

The Blind Man

The Blind man is the one who mistakes his mouth for his nose

The Hogger.

This guy even eats the booger. There are many such people around us. So when you read this post, please do not give that "This is a weird blog post".

The Investor

This is one guy who saves his pickings in some place. Usually, he sticks it under the benches. Those who stick chewing gums under the tables have this habit.

The Sewage cleaner

The kind of people who only clean their nose once a year and in the process end up removing a snot piece as big as a football. This helps them to breathe normally.

The Gymnast

This guy can clean his nose with his tongue

The Amazon forest

This guy cannot put his fingers inside his nose because of the density of hair inside his nose. Such people have dandruff inside their noses.

The Chinese

I am not a racist. But the Chinese fellow cannot put his finger inside his nose because the nostrils are so small.


The magicians often have runny nose and they do not even have to pick their noses. All they have to do is clean that dirt off their shirts.

Arnab Gowsami.

He talks so much that the booger forms inside his mouth and not inside the nose.



  1. hahahaha... so which one are u?

  2. which one you prick? nose or ###? I'm typing this only with my right hand...


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