Wednesday, July 10, 2013

582. The different uses of sun glasses

I was waiting for an opportunity to post this picture of mine on my blog. Finally I got a suitable topic and I grabbed the opportunity immediately. This picture was taken in Alampara fort when yours truly did an amazing balancing act on a tree branch. I climbed the tree and gave this pose; but after the picture was clicked, I found it difficult to climb down. This picture was clicked by my friend Prasanna. It was one road trip which is close to my heart. It was my last road trip before my marriage. Now let me come to the topic. Sun glasses have many uses. This post will list down the different uses of sun glasses

  1. Sunglasses can cool the eyes and protect them from sun rays.
  2. Sunglasses can also act as a hair band. My sun glasses are mostly oily as I keep them on my hair all the time. The crickets started this trend and many people like me follow it
  3. Sunglasses can be stylishly held in one hand and rotated. This is done by some to gain attention.
  4. Sunglasses can be worn on t shirts, shirt pockets. This is also for style quotient
  5. The sunglasses can be worn to view color pictures as they give the photographs an instagram effect.
  6. If you are bald headed, wearing a sun glass might make you a Kalaignar look-alike.
  7. Sunglasses are like Facebook. You can stare at anyone without getting caught.
  8. Sunglasses take away your shyness by a larger extent.
  9. Some people are recognized by others only when they wear their sunglasses . Examples : - Director Balachander, Powerstar and Carrie Anne Moss. You might also be someone like that. Make an impact with sunglasses.
  10. Giant sunglasses make unattractive girls look cute. Now I have incurred the wrath of the ladies with this point. So it is time for me to end this post


  1. Giant sunglasses? you mean the types that look like the windshield of the PTC bus minus the wiper?

  2. BAS Thalivan pose in the pic...

  3. Sunglasses can be conversation starters.
    Sunglasses can help you to look like Kate Moss.
    Sunglasses are called shades these days and the word, 'sunglasses' are passe!

  4. Best Use Is Point 7 "Sunglasses are like Facebook. You can stare at anyone without getting caught".

  5. The sunglasses what are its use is shown in the article. The sunglasses are also known as style statement. The metal frame are being liked by many High Post people.


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