Friday, July 05, 2013

581. The many uses of Public Toilets

The inventor of public toilets would have never thought that his invention would be used for different reasons in the future. In the past the public toilets were used only for the outgoing process. But today public toilets are used for many other reasons.

1) For artists to display their artistic skills

In the past, great art forms were only seen in art galleries. Today Public toilet walls depict different art forms. Many artists who don't have a launch pad use the public toilets to show their artistic skills. One can see the artistic skills of these artists in public train toilets. Most of these drawings are about the physical attributes of the human body. They must have got their inspiration from their biology class in their school days. Some write the names of their lady love. Some write their mobile numbers on the walls. Mark Zuckerberg got the idea of facebook walls when he travelled in an Indian train. Credit goes to our country.

2) People doing Kasamusa

With many movies spoiling kids these days, the public toilets are a place that are selected by young couples to do the kasamusa. Train toilets are used for this reason too. The railway police is doing an amazing job to prevent this. In the past, young couples used to have the hanky panky time in internet cafes. But now as the internet cafes have become stricter, they have chosen the train toilets for unleashing their hormonal urges.

3) Dining room

In IT companies, the rest rooms are also used as dining rooms. If you are selfish and if you do not want to share the chicken burger with your team mates, you can rush to the rest room and eat without anyone noticing you. There was a colleague who used to do this. He used to burp in the rest room too.

4) The perfect place to rest

Some people use the public toilets to take a short nap too. That is one way of whiling away your time during office hours.

5) Photo shoots.

This is the main usage of many public rooms. Girls use the public toilets for photo shoots. Even guys do it. As soon as they enter the public toilets, they stand in front of the mirror, take out their camera phones and go on a clicking spree. While clicking these snaps, they show all kinds of poses which they think is cute. They upload the photos on their facebook albums too. I have a friend who has an album with 128 photos of bathroom poses.

- Chronicwriter.

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