1) My daughter had her first hair cut last week. It was an unforgettable experience for her and for us. She has promised to write an article about it. So I am not gonna explain further about this.

2) Last week, my daughter ate some neem leaves. Her facial reaction was priceless. Photos to be uploaded soon on my Facebook page.

3) I am growing a beard again. That Abraham Lincoln look. I did not have a beard for the last two years as my wife told me not to grow a beard. Recently some one called me a college boy and that is when I decided to grow a beard again

4) My daughter has started to walk. After she wakes up in the morning, she directly goes to the trash bin in the kitchen. I do not know what attracts her so much!

5) My daughter's ears are pierced too. She did not create much fuss. It was I who created lot of fuss when her ears were pierced. She has promised to write a post on it in her blog too. So I am not disclosing any more news on this topic.

6) My daughter hates it when I am use my lap top. She crawls around me, bites me, throws things at me and makes lot of noise till I shut down the laptop.

7) Anya spends lot of time in front of the mirror. She talks to herself and she smiles at herself. There is competition at home now.

8) Anya's favorite activity is the car drive that she has with me and my wife every evening. As soon as I start the engine, she giggles and smiles a lot. Then she tries to tune the FM channels to which I respond with a stern No. After some time she will try to touch the gear with her right leg. Again a stern No will escape my lips and she will act as if she is scared. This will continue for some more time.

9) Of all my favorite things, my movie collection and my book collection stands right at the top. I group my DVD collection under different titles. Drama, Romance, Thriller, Horror, Comedy, Musical are some of the genres under which I have grouped my DVD collection. Last week as I was browsing through my collection, I saw my wedding CD in the Horror section. I do not know how it went there.

10) I'll be celebrating my second wedding anniversary soon. Any surprise tips from my readers?

- Chronicwriter