When you have a toddler at home, you learn lot of things from them.

I have a one year old daughter at home.

My wife and I learn a lot from her everyday.

This post has some of those details.

1. The Horror film experience!

When you suddenly see your daughter holding a vicks bottle. The cap in one hand and the bottle in the other. As you frantically run towards her to retrieve the bottle, you realize that she has already licked some vicks and instead of crying; is laughing at you. The climax is when you pick her up, she applies some vicks on your eyes. Finally we have a smiling daughter and a father who is cooling his eyes with coconut oil.

2. The missing daughter

One day, my daughter suddenly went missing. We searched for her all around the house My wife started crying and I went to a numb state. She was not to be seen for more than 15 minutes. We searched for her every where. Then we heard a sneezing sound coming from the dirt bag; and there she was lying inside the dirt-clothes bag and chewing on a pavaada naadaa. Now she has a kolusu on her legs.

3. The biter

You have to keep your eyes open especially when your daughter is teething. She will bite me anytime. The teeth are very sharp and when she bites me , tears will well up in my eyes; but all those tear filled eyes will soon turn to smile filled eyes when I see that innocent face smiling at me.

4. My movie partner.

I watch movies late at night. Sitting on my bean bag, sipping on hot lemon tea and watching a movie of my choice is one hobby of mine. I usually watch movies alone. But now I have a movie partner. My daughter watches movies with me. Last weekend, we watched the exorcism of emily rose.
Result : A laughing daughter and a frightened father.

5. The jumper

My daugher is a daredevil. She crawls on the bed and she knows no fear. She just leaps from the bed. Now we have cushions on the floor surrounding the bed. Still she just takes off and leaps from the bed.

6. The reader

When I read a book, she also needs a book. When I am on the computer, I give her a computer too.
I do not know what she reads; but as long as I read the book, she will also hold her book and read something in her baby language.

7. Musician at home

Anya has great love for congos. When I play the guitar, she starts playing the congos. She has got amazing rhythm sense.

I am learning a lot from my daughter. Her mother is her first love. I am her second love.