Tuesday, May 28, 2013

576. OfficeTeam Lunch

If you are working in an IT firm you will relate to this post easily.

Office Team Lunches happen once in a while in many firms. Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries, team celebrations are some of the reasons for people gathering for team lunches. The team leader will usually call for the team lunch. A mail will be circulated among the team members that on a certain day in that week the team will go for a team lunch.

Note : Team lunches never happen on non-working days.

The team lunch is of three types.

1) Aappu for company.

The lunch is sponsored by the company. The Team leader will have the money in his hand and he will organize the team lunch. No one in the team will know the exact budget behind the lunch. The team members will only know that they are gonna have a good time. They will eat and come back. They will not bother about how much was spent on the team lunch. The team leader will steal a lump sum of money if he is corrupt.

2) Aappu for a single person.

This is the "maamaa tousar keenjuchu" kinda team lunches. The entire team will find an "Adimai" who will give them a treat. The reasons for the treat is immaterial for the team members as long as they have a good lunch. Everyone in the team will exactly know how much is spent. Care is taken by each member to clean the wallet of the Adimai who gives the treat. Everyone will pose along with the Adimai and take lot of photos and they will publish the photos on their facebook walls. This is done to make the Adimai feel important. If two top figures pose with the adimai, he will usually forget the bill amount. 

Note : The Adimai is usually a Guy.

3) Mutual Aappu for the entire team.

Everyone shares their money for the team lunch. If it is a buffet, the team members will exactly know the amount that each one of them need to shell out from their pockets.

The real problem happens when there is no buffet. Everyone will order less; but will make sure that they eat more than the others. There will be few people who will always eat that extra chicken lollypop starters and will have a sense of satisfaction that they have eaten more.( A note to such people: You will only shit a little more than others. Don't take pride in that). Finally when the bill arrives, some one will pull out the calculator and will divide the money so that everyone can share. Now everyone will pull out Hundred rupee notes and five hundred rupee notes and no one will have the exact change. Finally one person will pay for two or three people and this person will have to run behind the other three people for months to get back his money.

The following two pictures will tell you how people usually sit during team lunches.

1)The boys will sit on one table
2)The girls will sit on another table.

If a guy sits in a table full of girls, then he is the Adimai.

Note: The picture is used with permission from my sister. So personal offensive comments about the people in the picture can be avoided. I am very strict, you see.

1) Aappu - Punishment
2) maamaa tousar keenjuchu - Murder
3) Adimai - Slave

- Chronicwriter


  1. thanks for sharing this as no one in non IT knows about this

    1. Hilarious! You're a funny guy. Ive also started a cartoon humor blog http://lolokplease.blogspot.in/ do pay it a visit when you have the time

  2. Seriously dude? Men and Women on different tables? This is like some kind of gender specific school


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