Thursday, April 18, 2013

574. IPL 6 Fair Play Award

The sixth edition of IPL has given great games for the viewers. Some say the games are fixed and some say that the games are played in true sportive spirit. I really don't care how they play the game. There is something called a fair play award which is awarded to the teams based on how fair they play the games.  This post talks about the secret behind this fair play award.


573. Outdoor games

"Mom! I am going out to play". When ever I said that, I meant what I said. I will go out and play with my friends. I would roll on the mud, bruise my legs, climb trees and jump from one branch to another, fall down and cut my legs, play cricket with friends, sweat a lot and I only wish I could get that childhood once again.

When I see children of today, I am happy that I spent my childhood in the 80s and early 90s. When I say football, I have actually kicked a ball with my legs. I have dribbled a ball and I have held a ball in my hands. During those days I was the only one who had a football in our locality. So people would come to me , if they had to play a football game. There was an agreement I had with others. No one would tackle me when I had the ball. So I have had the opportunity to score many goals. If my team was trailing by a huge margin, I would take the ball and go home. Today the only football game that many children play is the one they play in the xboxes. No wonder the rich kids are not healthy anymore even after eating healthy foods.

Those who have played street cricket would know what the stumper ball meant to them. This ball was a household name for all youngsters. Parents will tell their children, "If you get good marks, we will get a stumper ball for you" When I was a young boy ( I am still young) the price of the ball was Rs 5. Four or five of us would put together One Rupee each and would buy this wonderful ball. Immediately we would pierce a hole in this ball with a safety pin to let out high pressure air. The ball would be ready for use. One ball would be used for almost a week. It would break the window panes and to retrieve this ball, we would get into fights with the neighbors  We treated this ball so special.

Today a 4 year old can operate a mobile phone better than an adult. He may operate an electronic device better too. But do they know what burning calories mean? They might say that walking on a treadmill will help us to burn calories. But during our childhood days we knew how to burn calories without the help of a treadmill.  Someone will now say " My children are not like that. We allow them to go out and play" If that is the case, well and good. But, still they could never fathom the joy we had during our childhood. I am longing for the childhood of the 80s and 90s. I know this dream of mine will never come again. If you remember any of your childhood game, do share with all of us.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

572. My dad is a magician

I don't allow guest posts in my blog usually. But when it comes to my daughter, I allow her. This is a post from Anya. So listen to what she has to say

My dad is a magician!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all fine. This is Anya here. I came here to say one very important information about my dad. He is a magician; a very good one at that. I have never ever seen a better magician all my life. He can do wonders in the blink of an eyelid. 

I realised that my dad was a magician a few months ago. Five months ago, when I did not even know how to crawl, I noticed a great magic trick that only my dad could do. When we go to bed in the night, we would sleep like this (see below picture). I would lie between my mom and dad. My mom would sing for me and my dad would be looking at the ceiling for ages. I don't know what would be running in his head during such times. After much struggle I would go to sleep

When I wake up in the morning, I would be surprised to see that my dad has already performed a magic trick. Mom would be sleeping between me and dad. Every morning I would wake up to this surprise. I would often cry out loud asking him to explain to me how he does that trick. But he never understands my baby language. Even if he understood my language, I don't think he would have disclosed the trick to me, because great magicians reveal their magic secrets to anyone.
So I decided to find the secret behind his magic trick myself. So one night when my mom was singing songs to put me to sleep, I acted as if I had fallen asleep. My parents thought I had actually slept. Then what I saw was an unbelievable thing. I saw my dad flying across me and landed on the other side of the bed. I was wrong all this while. He is not a magician. He is a bird. I think he is a crow.

- Anya.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

571. What they say about Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Dhoni called him Lord Ravindra Jadeja. 

The others call him Sir. 

The world has stopped the Sardar jokes, Rajnikanth jokes, Chuck Norris jokes and everyone are talking about the legend of Sir Ravindra Jadeja. 

Why do people talk so much about him? 

Some even say that he is the Powerstar of Cricket. 

What is so special about him? 

The following testimonies will help us understand the reason better.

- Chronicwriter

All the captions were created by Chronicwriter and he has used these captions on pictures he collected from the internet.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

570. Film Maker Bala's Secret

Director Bala's fans should bear with me for this post. A group of scientists joined together to analyse the secret behind his film making skills and the scientific team found his secret. The following six steps will reveal the secret behind his success.

- Chronicwriter

Monday, April 01, 2013

569. Keep your home cool this summer

Summer time in India always is a dreadful period indeed. If you live in Chennai, you would really know what I mean. You would sweat like a pig and you will stink during summer time. 

Travelling in the public transport during the summer season is the biggest punishment you can give someone.

Summer in Chennai will reach 45 degrees this year and this has caused lot of panic for everyone in this place. Many other parts of India will also go through the same problem.

To stay away from this summer heat, people run to hill stations like Kodaikanal and Ooty. These hill stations were once Honeymoon spots. Now a days these spots have become like a fish market. There is no privacy for honeymoon couples, so the honey moon couples have started celebrating their honeymoon in Tambaram Railway station and Ranganathan Street in T Nagar.

As the temperature is gonna soar high people are gonna have a tough time this summer. Everyone are installing ACs in their houses. But the problem in Chennai is that the voltages are pretty low in  many places. The rest of Tamilnadu has to first search for some electricity to run these ACs. In this post chronicwriter gives free tips to keep your house cool during the scorching summer heat.

1) The Jute bag effect.

Buy as many jute bags as possible. Dip them in water and put these jute bags on the terrace. They will absorb 25 % of the heat from the sun

2) Neem leaves and white sand

Mix neem leaves with white sand (the one that we get from river beds) and sprinkle this mixture on the terrace / roof tops. This will absorb heat by 30 %

3) Coconut fibre and charcoal

Spread Coconut fibre on the terrace. Pour water on them. Sprinkle charcoal on them. This would suck in 50 % of the heat and this is a wonderful heat absorber.

4) Newspaper

Stick newspapers on your window panes. They are amazing heat absorbents. They reduce the harmful sun rays from harming you

5) Papaya seeds

Take a glass of water and put papaya seeds inside the glass. Now keep the glass on your window sill.  You can keep glasses on all window sills. Heat absorbent factor is very high in this method.

Try these methods. Have a cool summer.

Note: No one has tried these methods before. If you try these methods, you will be the first person to implement these strategies.I am not the only jobless fellow around. Join the club


568. How to know if your wife is angry?

If you experience the following incidents in your life, chances are that your wife may be angry with you.

1) When you ask her a question and when you don’t get a reply she is angry with you

2) If the vessels in the kitchen create lot of noise your wife is angry with you

3) If there is more salt in the food she is angry with you

4) If you get the same breakfast every day she is angry with you

5) If there is no salt in the food she is angry with you

6) If there is no food, she is deadly angry with you

7) Forget her birthday and you will experience her wrath in full flow

8) Try changing the TV channel when she is watching her favourite serial on TV. If you do that you will experience any of the first 6 points in your life

9) When you are asked to sleep on the couch she is angry with you

10) When she asks you “Do I look fat?” , just understand that it is a trap. If you say Yes, you are in trouble. If you say No, you are again in trouble. If you keep quiet, there is more trouble. So what should you do?  Anyway she is gonna get mad at you. So just do what you wish to do and earn the wrath of your wife.