The title might sound weird. You might be even thinking whether a word called undark exists? One might have come across the word unfair. But undark? No. The purpose of this post is to bring to light about the general understanding of the word fair and how this word is used widely.

The word Fair is used to denote the color of skin and also to denote something that is legitimate. The color dark is usually used in the negative connotation. Guys usually look for fair skinned girls and a girl will usually look for a guy with loads of money. This is a proven fact depicted by matrimonial sites.

In a matrimonial site, very few guys clearly tell their partner preference. They boldly say that they prefer slim, fair girls. But many guys would never say that thinking that the women community will think bad about them. But inwardly they always search for girls who are fair and slim. You may now say that dark skinned beauties like Bipasha Basu, Halle Berry and Nandita Das are admired by many men. Yes those women are loved by men because of their features irrespective of their dark skin tone. Exceptions happen like accidents.

When 5 photos of girls are placed in front of the guy, the guy would automatically look at the girl who is fair and slim. His partner preference would have been " I need a girl who cooks well, adjustable and homely". But when he sees a fair girl, he would not even worry about whether the girl is adjustable, homely and whether she could cook. Everything goes down the drain. 

In some cases, the guys would say  " I will pray to God and ask God to show me who the right girl is". Then they will see the girl's photo. If they do not like the girl, they will say "It is not God's will". But if the girl is fair, then they will say "God has shown me this girl". This is happening today in many homes; especially in Christian circles. 

The girls are equally worse in this case. Their main criteria is money, even though many do not reveal it outside. I created a matrimonial profile for a friend of mine and I did not add his photo. I did not fill any columns. I just added his salary (6 digit salary). Within 24 hours my inbox was filled with matrimonial requests. Some of the girls even wrote personalised mails saying that they are ready to get married. These girls did not even mind looking at the guy because for them money is all they want.

Am I generalizing here? I would say Yes. Though many would never accept this, all I could say is this is the truth of today. The color dark (black) is usually used for all that is bad and ugly. Even during our childhood days, an angel would be shown wearing a white gown and satan would be walking around in a black dress with horns. The whole imagery is sown in our minds right from our childhood.

When something wrong happens, we say "It is so unfair". These are terms that are used in a sense that it equates darkness to something that is negative. So is this post gonna bring any change? No. definitely not.Things are not gonna change. Things are gonna remain the same. There will always be a negative thrust on darkness and people who are dark will indeed go through tough time and they will only get stronger and stronger. Yes it is a undark world indeed. Learn to live with it.