His entrance to the Indian cricketing scene was not really worth remembering. He single handedly made sure that India got eliminated in the first round of two world cups. Then suddenly when he was bought for millions by Chennai Super Kings, he became the butt of all jokes. Munaf was no longer at the receiving end of all the cricket jokes. Jadeja became the center piece of all unwanted attention. People even started ignoring the monkey antics of Sreesanth. 

A new mocking star was born in Indian Cricket. When ever he was selected in the Indian cricket team, India lost the series. Many said that he was a very talented man. But he was a talented guy only on paper as he did not fare well in the International scene. In fact he never wanted to hurt the feelings of the bowler, so he never scored runs. 

There were times when the Indian film fraternity even wanted to nominate Jadeja for the oscars in the  "Best actor in all rounder role" category. Ravindra Jadeja is like the Ram Gopal Verma of Cricket. People always expect him to fail and he never failed to meet their expectations. But something happened in 2012 and that is when the Legend of Ravindra Jadeja was born.

Trivia : India has never won a one day International match in which Jadeja has scored more than 50 runs

But the year 2012 and 2013 was the turning point in Jadeja's life. This was the year when an ordinary Jadeja became Sir Jadeja. He has now played only three test matches and India has never lost a test match when Jadeja was in the team. That's the difference this guy has brought to the Indian cricket team. Under cover agents revealed that the Queen is now contemplating whether to honor Jadeja with a knighthood. If they can do it to Rowan Atkinson, why not to Jadeja?

One more Trivia : He is the first bowler to get a wicket for India in the year 2013.

So until he gets a knighthood, let us stop using the letter J in our keyboard.

Note: The last picture was created by Chronicwriter. The first four pictures are taken from Jadeja fan page on facebook.