Wednesday, February 27, 2013

558. Copied Movies.

Many would hate me for writing this article. Some of the darkest secrets of Tamil/ World cinema would be revealed through this post. Some of the movies listed here are actually copied from wonderful movies from around the globe and the original movies were never given the due credit. The makers of the movie might justify their act by saying that their copied work was an inspiration and they did not copy the whole movie. But still the readers have the right to get correct information and here it is. This is not an exhaustive list.

1) Kadhal Kondein

The movie which launched actor Dhanush as the next big thing in Tamil cinema is a ripped version of the Reese Witherspoon starrer FEAR. Due credits were not given for this movie. If you have not watched Fear, you can watch it now

2) Mynaa

Prabhu Solomon's Mynaa made it possible for Amala Paul to enter the film world. The film got many awards. Very few actually know that this movie was copied from the action movie Dog bite Dog

3) Roja

When we hear the word Roja, the two names that cross our minds are Maniratnam and AR Rahman. How could one forget the Chinna Chinna Aasai song? This movie is telecasted on doordarshan every year on India's Independence day. This movie is copied from the movie Sunflower. No credits were given too. Why would a director like Maniratnam do such a thing? Maniratnam has copied many such movies. His movie Anjali is also a copied version.

4) Thenali

Universal star Kamal Hassan is known for his acting skills and his wonderful talents. He has another talent too. Yes, many of his movies are remakes and copied versions. The movie Thenali is copied from the flick What about Bob? Due credits were not given 

5) The Joker

Who can forget the Joker from Dark Knight? He still haunts many of us in our dreams. The concept of joker was actually copied from a Tamil movie called Rudra. The Indian joker role was donned by the Steven Spielberg of Tamil Cinema - Mr.K. Bhagyaraj. He did not create any scene when Hollywood copied his idea in their movie. But he created a stir by complaining about the movie KLTA

6) Viswaroopam

Kamal Hassan's Viswaroopam which hit the screens after much struggle is a class work by Kamal Hassan. But his characterisation is a copied version of how Chronicwriter looked 3 years ago. Chronicwriter could have sued him for not giving due credits. But because he has a thangamaana manasu, he did not create any problem. Will Kamal Hassan share his profit with Chronicwriter. We have to wait and see

Note :The brain behind the last picture is my dear brother "Balaji Lakshmipathy"

Now you can start spitting on this post. Start Meesic

- Chronicwriter


  1. Shappa, final destination madhri it headed to a humor infested kill! ;p gethu photo of bro

    Btw, you broke my heart at point 3.

    Point 5. Sellathu!! Ponga! Just cos two minds thought of casting a joker as the "bad" man it doesnt mean anything. This is like claiming "due credits" for a movie as they showed a gangster holding a pistol and frivolity!

  2. while 5 shocked me and me think, seriously...6 brought to me to normal... neutralizing effect of the rofl..i had.... ponga sir, neenga vera appapa comedy pannikittu..!!!

  3. Rotfl :-)
    Fifth one was classic

  4. About the 5 I had the same feeling that nobody given due credit to Steven Spielberg of Tamil Cinema.

    And the last one was like i was on the phone, and i was laughing on the call. Dammn that was too good.

  5. Hello Chriz,

    For once I have points of disagreement. I have watched both Fear and kadhal kondein and though the tone of the films is quite similar the plots, I think, are starkly different.

    Regarding the joker - LOL - I believe it is part of batman comics. I say I "believe" because I have never been a comic book reader but friends tell me that the joker in the Dark Knight is straight out of the books. In which case the character may predate Bhagyaraj's joker! :D

    I agree with the general tone of your post though: it's ethical and also nice to acknowledge another work, even if it has merely inspired another work along the same lines :)

  6. I don't know about the other 5, but 6th is an undeniable truth, which we see.
    Let us wait and see how raj 'kamaal' films react.


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