Wednesday, February 27, 2013

557. The Red Panther

My Daughter Anya has now acted in a thriller flick. In the movie she has donned the role of Anya who is a world famous robber. She goes through intense training to steal the Red Panther (The royal box of chocolates). Watch this small movie to see how Anya performs the task.

The movie is for General Audiences. No animal or human being was hurt during the making of the movie.



  1. lol!!i had a nice laugh!!but i dont know what she is gonna say after ten fifteen years for hanging her upside down like this

  2. Hey i saw this on youtube before, but your kids is cute!

  3. This one was adorable! Although she's going to be mad at you when she grows up to be a pretty lady.

    All the same, a great thriller :)


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