Friday, February 22, 2013

556. Some Universal Truths

1) Every one who gets into the swimming pool/ beach will pee there.

2) Every girl would ask her husband " How much do you love me? "

3) Everyone would have got an electric shock at least once in their life time

4) People will accept any crime. No one will own a Fart

5) Labrador is not a dog. It is a sheep in Dog's clothing.

6) Every one was a bed wetter during the childhood days. Some never come out of childhood.

7) Cafeterias in workplaces are mainly used for gossips

8) Boys are scared of Raksha Bandan day

9) Hostel food tastes bad.

10) There is always a boss who is a pain in every subordinate's lives

11) The lab assistances in colleges always help the students during the university exams

12) Everyone who swims in the sea will swallow salt water

13) There is no relationship between point number 1 and point number 12

14) A friend will always stab you in the front. Those who stab behind are not your friends.

15) Even if a married man changes his job many times, his boss always remains the same

16) When you are in school your IQ level will be worse than the IQ of Rakhi Sawant. But when you are in your school bus looking through the window, you are Albert Einstein.

17) When ever we write nonsense in exams, there is always a teacher who will stand next to you and watch what you write

18) When you were a child, it does not matter where you fall asleep. It might have been on the sofa or on the floor. You will always wake up on your bed.

19) When you are on the car and when you drive behind a big truck, the movie "Final destination" comes to your mind

20) The Clear History button in the computer has saved many relationships

21) There is always a teacher in school who will be so stingy in giving marks as if the marks were their dad's property.

22) Seeing an insect in your room is not at all a problem. It becomes a problem when it disappears.

23) Everyone would think twice before using the door where the PUSH/PULL sign is written.

24) When ever we put a costly object in a safe place, we end up forgetting where the safe place is.

25) Most relationships start with a click on the " Add Friend" button and ends with the "Block" button

26) In an exam there is always some who suddenly uses the calculator and you have no clue why

27) If there is a 15 second sex scene in a 2 and a half hour movie, your parents will always walk in during those 15 seconds.

28) Artists are born in a boring classroom.

29) There is always a song that you love so much that you end up listening to it a hundred times in a day and you eventually start hating it

30) Everyone who visits a super market would have been mistaken for a store employee at least once in their  life.



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