Wednesday, February 13, 2013

554. Train Travel and Valentines day

There is a strong connection between train travel and valentines day. You would have seen many movie climaxes in the railway station. This morning while I was in the loo, I found the exact connection between trains and relationships. I am not gonna explain things in detail I will just give the meaning of some of the terms. You can solve the puzzle yourselves.

This is from the view of the Boy. 

1) Unreserved seat - A relationship without commitment

2) Second Class seat - A middle class figure

3) First class seat - Costly figure

4) Chair car - The coffee shop dates. You can see them in coffee day

5) A/C -2nd and 3rd - High maintenance figures

6) A/C -1st Class - Enter territory only if you are in the Forbe's list

7) Ticket Collector - The girl's father / Brother / Boyfriend /Husband

8) Rajdhani Express - Rich Figures

9) Platform Ticket - All the one side lover boys

10) Ticketless travel - Kalla Kaadhal (Pudipatta dharma adi confirmed)

11) Ticket counter - Schools/ Colleges/ Tutorial Colleges.

12) IRCTC - Matrimonial sites and social networking sites. They have loads of girls profiles. None of the girls would like you.

13) Tatkal - Love under pressure where you have no other choice and no time to take a decision.

14) The railway food - Pouring oil in fire in a relationship

15) The rats in the train - The mood swings that your girlfriend has. Every train and every girl has it. You never know when it will come.

16) Train toilets - Relationships that you don't want to be in; but you don't have a choice.

17) RAC - The relationship which will give you that hope and you have to enter into a discussion with the girl's father

18) Waiting list - Varum aaanaa varaadhu type of girls

19) Train cancelled - Love failure

Every year, Valentines day comes and goes. This is my second valentines day after I met Joan and the first valentines day after Anya came into our lives. We all wish every one around the globe a wonderful valentines day. Keep Loving one another.

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To all single men : There was a time I used to think that it was cool being single. I have crossed that fox-grape stage.

You will soon find your lady love and you will also get immersed in love soon.

To all those who oppose valentines day : Get a life

If you are wondering where I fit in, in the above 19 points, I would like to tell you that I don't prefer the train.

I am a natural born swimmer and I am in the blue lagoon.

- Chronicwriter


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