Wednesday, January 23, 2013

549. Nagercoil Kalyaana Payasam

Payasam is a Tamil Dessert. It was selected as the tastiest dessert in the globe by the WFOT in the year 1999. If you have not tasted the nagercoil kalyaana payasam in your life, you have missed a big thing in life.

The payasam is usually served in a plantain leaf once you are done with the regular meal. The regular meal usually consists of 9 side dishes. 

There is a technique involved in eating this payasam. You have to mash a ripe banana and mix with payasam. The combination will look yukky; but it would taste yummy. You have to put your fingers in the payasam and lick all the fingers. If you break a papad and sprinkle the papad pieces in the payasam, it will give a crispy effect.

 In the picture you can see me eating payasam. This picture was taken 26 years ago. I was in UKG then. More over I was in love with Renu. She came to that wedding too. She sat right in front of me. That's why I gave this romantic look when this photo was clicked.

Even now when I attend any marriage in Nagercoil, I wait to taste this payasam in our own Nagercoil style. If you have not tasted this payasam in your life, visit Nagercoil soon.


  1. World federation of occupational therapists?

  2. that feeling when you have to sacrifice the rice becasue the payasam guy came too early..sheer pain...aiyooo

  3. Do you also hope for Renu to be there? :P


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