Wednesday, November 21, 2012

538. Kasab Kasabed

Kasabed = A Tamil colloquial word for "It is finished.

Ajmal Kasab - the lone surviving terrorist in the Mumbai attacks in 2008 was hanged this morning in Pune. His hanging was kept as a secret to avoid any controversies. The Pakistan Government did not accept the letter that India sent regarding Kasab's kasabufication. Hence the Indian Government faxed a letter to the Pak Government regarding his death.

Though many would say that justice has been served to the families of the 166 people who lost their lives, it doesn't make any difference to these families as their precious ones will never return back to them again.

Though many in the social media were blaming the Indian Government for keeping Kasab alive for four years, the Government did its duty by serving justice. I really don't know whether I should be happy because justice is served or should be sad that a Young boy chose a wrong way to die like this.

On a lighter note a friend of mine quoted that Bal Thackarey left earth with a purpose. Within three days of leaving earth, he made it sure that Kasab was finished. Many who do not believe in afterlife would not agree with this statement. But Angel TV preacher Sadhu "who makes frequent heaven trips" might be in a better position to explain this.

My personal opinion on this hanging is that a small branch in a big tree called terrorism is cut. The root is still there. It is a pruning exercise. It is merely impossible to uproot this dangerous tree. But branches like these can be trimmed once in a while to curb this tree from producing poisonous fruits. Kudos to the Indian Govt for pruning the tree.

BTW, Will Kasab get to see the 72 virgins? That is something Kasab has to say! Hope all the 72 virgins are not men.

Kasab could have been trained as a great guy for the future. He fell into the wrong hands and took terrorism as his way of life and he paid a heavy duty for it. There are many Kasab's among us. Infact everyone of us have a Kasab inside us. Let us kill those Kasabs within us before it is too late.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

537. Chronicwriter Photography.

Every Monkey that holds a camera is calling himself or herself as a photographer these days. Gone were those days when there were specialists in that field. Now everyone who holds a 2 megapixel mobile phone camera or even a calculator calls themselves as a photographer. If you have not become a famous photographer till now you can adopt the following steps and become a world famous photographer.

Step 1 : Click a picture with any camera (even mobile phones with 2 mp camera will do)
Step 2 : Change the original color of the picture into any shade of your choice (even your dog's choice doesn't matter)
Step 3 : Add a water mark " X Photography" ( X = your name)
Step 4 : Upload the photo on facebook and wait for likes/ shares/ comments
Step 5 : You have become a photographer
Step 6 : Start a Facebook page in X photography name.

When I was contemplating on this idea, I decided to start my own photography page and Here I am.

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15) Forest Photography/ nature photography

All types of photography handled here because we know all details

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

536. My first Cyclone encounter.

Cyclone Nilam was indeed powerful and it was my first ever cyclone experience. I drove my car when she was at her ravaging best in Chennai. My car looked like it had a mud bath. The trees were dancing to glory. On some roads, the trees decided not to stand on their feet and hence fell down prostrate and slept on the middle of the road which resulted in traffic jam.

When I reached home from work, I found that there was no power at home. The coconut tree near my house was behaving like a drunkard. It was not steady at all. It was about to fall any time. The movie 2012 flashed across my mind. All the Christian Preachers who would use this as an opportunity to promote themselves saying " I already prophesied this" also crossed my mind. 

But my first thought was the clothes that were left to dry in the mottai maadi ( terrace ) . I immediately ran upstairs only to find all my clothes on the floor of the terrace. My banian and underwear went missing. "Should I file an FIR?" - I thought to myself. But another thought reminded me that it would have reached a home where it would be used by someone who might actually need it. 

Then I entered my house. As there was no power, it was dark inside. The candles were lit and we all sat around the candle (We = I , my wife and my daughter Anya). Anya did not understand what was going around her. All she could see were the trees swaying big time, the thunder storms and the rains outside.This was a new kind of terror for my daughter. 

She is used to my terror instincts at home and the cyclone did not scare her big time. The power came back at 11 pm. Things turned back to normal. The mosquitoes were swatted out and we slept in peace.

What about the poor man on the pavement? If you happen to see any poor people, please help them. Don't wait for others to help. You be the change you want to see in others. I am not gonna tell what I did; but I have a old man in my mind.