Tuesday, July 10, 2012

523. A Bachelor room

Many among you would have stayed in a bachelor room where you would have shared the house with 4 or 5 friends. Girls also would have stayed in hostels, PGs and you would have had room mates. If you have been there, you might have experienced the following points

1) Any bachelor room will have one lazy bachelor who always wakes up late and wears that same stinky shirt and goes to college/office.

2) There will be one person who will never wash the utensils. There will be one poor fellow who will wash the utensils.

3) There will be one person who wears the same underwear for a week. This guy can be easily identified because he has a mannerism that is very similar to that of Sachin Tendulkar.

4) There will be one person who will always be on the phone. All the other room mates will be very jealous of him. This person is the dude of the house.

5) There will be a steal-er who steals money from his friends.

6) There will be a pan addict who eats manickchand or smokes up all the time.

7) There will be a hotel near the house in which all the roomies will have an account that transacts better than any bank.

8) There will be a TV in the house which will be ON during the cricket matches and football matches. Otherwise the TV is used a music system.

9) There will be one towel that will be shared by more than one person.

10) There will be one person who tries not to pay his share of the monthly rent.

11) There is a liar who becomes the laughing stock of the room mates because he gets caught in his act all the time.

12) There will be a person who will take leave from work when all the other room mates go to work. This person will be caught by his room mates in un-compromising positions when his room mates come back early from work.

13) There will be a person who will be in love with the girl from the opposite house.

14) There will be a person who will always be on facebook

15) There will be a person whose mouth stinks.

16) There will be a person who leaves all his clothes on the floor.

17) All the underwear will be left to dry on the window grill

18) The shoe rack will stink from the smell of the socks

19) There will be a holy Joe who will fold his clothes, arrange his books and wash his clothes regularly. This is another comedy piece according to the rest of the room mates.

20) There will be one room mate who will be gay.

- Chronicwriter

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