Tuesday, July 17, 2012

526. Social Media Madness

It is always a great feeling to go down memory lane revisiting those old days, places. The joy we get when we go back to our school, college, old workplace cannot be easily explained in words. I have experienced that non-explainable joy when I visited my college after eons.

I tried to do the same thing in the social media world too. Hence I opened all my old- deactivated accounts in different social media sites and in all the different social media sites, I remembered one incident or more that made me to grin.

Yahoo Messenger

First I logged into my yahoo messenger account. The father of all social media sites.Immediately I remembered those days (13 years back ) when Yahoo messenger was very famous among college students (mainly because of the Tamil movie Kadhal Desam) . Back then, I used to prowl in some chat room or the other talking with someone from another continent on issues that would do the world no good at all.

I remembered some chat friends I had during those days. I had their contacts in my diary. Immediately I tried calling a friend from Malaysia. We talked for almost an hour. She was pleasantly surprised indeed.

Back then, the common lingo used in a chat room was ASL. Guys would be hanging on in chat rooms trying to get lucky with a girl. 40 guys would be in every chat room and there would be only one girl who would make her appearance in the chat rooms once in a blue moon. When a girl enters the chat room, the guys would try their level best to get her attention. Even if she is a mokka piece, she will be treated like a queen.

Some guys will write poems for her. Some guys will sing for her and some will praise her. None of the guys would have seen her. She would have a flower picture as her profile pic. The girl would not have got such a royal treatment in her entire life. Such treatment being very new in her life, she would try to throw some attitude. Finally the girl would fall for some guy in the chat room and no body knows what happens after that.


Hi5 reached its all-time peak in the year 2005. Facebook was not even considered as a worthy social media site. When I logged into my Hi5 account, I got a message saying "Welcome back".
This was the site where I used to hang out to socialize during my MBA days.

The most wonderful part of HI5 was the Testimonials part. If you buy a Dairymilk bar to your college girls, they will write wonderful testimonials for you. I had more than 50 testimonials written by my college girls. Many dairymilk bars were bartered for that.

Hi5 is the grandmother of social networking sites. When I logged into Hi5, I remembered many incidents that took place during my college days. The profile photo reminded me of the photoshoot I had with a friend in a so-called haunted bungalow. It was fun going through all those old messages.


Orkut came like a storm and disappeared like a silent fart. Orkut was the daughter of Hi5. They surged to an all time high in the year 2006. The word "Leave me a Scrap" replaced the commonly used phrases like "send me a text message / call me " .

Indians and Brazilians were attracted to Orkut. We used to say that even in future no social media site would match with Orkut's brilliance. But we were proved wrong within a year. Orkut also had the testimonial page. Many of my friends copied the same testimonials they wrote in Hi5 and pasted them on orkut too. So this did not give great joy like Hi5.


Facebook - the spoilt rich bratty daughter of Orkut, silently entered the social media space when Hi5 was at the top of the business. Slowly and steadily FB toppled both Hi5 and Orkut from the competition and surged ahead. The wall became the catch word for every Facebook user. Facebook went through many changes over the years. In fact it has even attained puberty [link ].

People live on facebook to garner more "LIKES, SHARES, COMMENTS" for their post. Why am I giving a lecture on FB (as if you do not know anything about FB). Let me cut short my crap talk here. I really don't have a clue which social networking site will rule the world in the future. But by the current trend I can positively say that FB has sealed a solid place in the Internet world.

- Chronicwriter

Thursday, July 12, 2012

525. Is Katrina Kaif dumb?

Public message to all hair removal cream manufacturers!

  • When you advertise your product, please select a model who has hairy skin.
  • Apply the cream on her hands and shoot the scene which shows how effectively the hair is removed.
  • Instead if you show an ad in which a model applies your product on an already waxed skin, the viewer will only be seeing the beautiful model and will not even remember the name of your product.
  • In the above ad, one would remember Katrina Kaif but not the hair removal cream.
How did Katrina agree to act in such a dumb commercial? Beats me


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

524. Steve Jobs unfulfilled dream

Steve Jobs could never convince anyone on two things when he was alive.

Today Chronicwriter is gonna convince to all his readers what Steve could never do during his lifetime. This unfulfilled dream of Steve will become a reality through the following two pictures.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

523. A Bachelor room

Many among you would have stayed in a bachelor room where you would have shared the house with 4 or 5 friends. Girls also would have stayed in hostels, PGs and you would have had room mates. If you have been there, you might have experienced the following points

1) Any bachelor room will have one lazy bachelor who always wakes up late and wears that same stinky shirt and goes to college/office.

2) There will be one person who will never wash the utensils. There will be one poor fellow who will wash the utensils.

3) There will be one person who wears the same underwear for a week. This guy can be easily identified because he has a mannerism that is very similar to that of Sachin Tendulkar.

4) There will be one person who will always be on the phone. All the other room mates will be very jealous of him. This person is the dude of the house.

5) There will be a steal-er who steals money from his friends.

6) There will be a pan addict who eats manickchand or smokes up all the time.

7) There will be a hotel near the house in which all the roomies will have an account that transacts better than any bank.

8) There will be a TV in the house which will be ON during the cricket matches and football matches. Otherwise the TV is used a music system.

9) There will be one towel that will be shared by more than one person.

10) There will be one person who tries not to pay his share of the monthly rent.

11) There is a liar who becomes the laughing stock of the room mates because he gets caught in his act all the time.

12) There will be a person who will take leave from work when all the other room mates go to work. This person will be caught by his room mates in un-compromising positions when his room mates come back early from work.

13) There will be a person who will be in love with the girl from the opposite house.

14) There will be a person who will always be on facebook

15) There will be a person whose mouth stinks.

16) There will be a person who leaves all his clothes on the floor.

17) All the underwear will be left to dry on the window grill

18) The shoe rack will stink from the smell of the socks

19) There will be a holy Joe who will fold his clothes, arrange his books and wash his clothes regularly. This is another comedy piece according to the rest of the room mates.

20) There will be one room mate who will be gay.

- Chronicwriter