Monday, June 11, 2012

520. Expressions

How many of us have done this? I have done this many a times. I draft a big mail and then send that mail to a senior official at work without attaching the necessary attachments. By the time we realize that there is no attachment, the mail would have already reached the boss. If someone could capture that precise expression it would look like this.

We are talented in showing facial expressions the day we enter into this world. Some of the common facial expressions are added below. Just see the following pictures and once you are done, you can get back to work.

Now you can get back to your work.



  1. Wot about d expression when we've finished readin d post??? :D

  2. sema sema... i really loved it anna... especially captain's...

  3. haha...... I loved the last one with Senthil. That really cracked me up.

  4. arvind swamy--ahha-- i will fall in love:_


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