My name is Anya. I am the daughter of Chronicwriter.

Note to all ladies : If my pappa is sight adichufying anyone; please let me know. i will escalate the matter to my mom.

As I am a small baby, I will not be able to write long posts like my dad. So I will be writing short posts with some pictures of mine.

1) My dad creates noise all the time. He calls that singing. He tries to put me to sleep by creating that noise. Sometimes I sleep. But when I can't bear his noise, I cry out loud and he keeps quiet. He is a strict dad.

2) This is my dad. You might be knowing him. But anyways, it is my duty to introduce him. They say that he is 30 years old. But still he jumps around like a teenager.

3) I am a fashion model and my dad is a fashion designer.

4) I heard that he pulls my leg on his blog and on facebook. This is my first and last warning to him.

5) My worst experience in this world.

With this post, I have become the youngest ever blogger. I am 6 days old.

- Anya (Chronicwriter II )