At 5 am on the 18th of May 2012, I got a call from my wife. My wife was at her parents' place which was more than 500 kms away from Chennai. I was sleeping when she called me. Half asleep, I picked her call and this is how the conversation went.

She : Pa, I think, I am gonna deliver our baby now (She calls me Pa)
Me : Wow! That's good news.

and I hung up. I went back to sleep. She called me again


That raised tone woke me up completely. No husband would dare to sleep after such a raised tone. I am no exception.

Me: Whaaat? Our baby is gonna be born today? Can she stay inside the tummy till the IPL finals get over?

There was silence at the other end.  I knew that if I asked any more silly questions, I would have to face a loud symphony. But how do I reach her place on time? The only available flight was the infamous King fisher airlines. When I went online to book a ticket, there was only one seat left on the plane; I booked the ticket immediately. When I boarded the flight, almost all the seats were empty. The local town bus was lot better. The push back in my seat was not working. The air hostess came to me and asked "Sir, Do you want to buy food?" 

The "BUY" part seemed suspicious to me; but still I ended up buying the Non-Veg puff. After eating the cold puff, i realized that there was no meat in the puffs. Vijay Mallya might have used the meat to pay for the losses incurred. The captain must have had a bout of fits when he landed the plane. The plane hopped three times before it came to a halt. As soon as I landed, I switched on my phone and I got a call from my mom with the news that I had become the father of a beautiful baby girl. I became numb and thanked God for the amazing gift he has given me and my wife. Then I updated my status message and rushed to the hospital.

As I walked into the hospital room, the nurse gave me a bundle and there I saw my baby inside the bundle. She was sleeping peacefully. I am not able express that feeling through words here. That is in fact the best feeling I have ever had in my life. She was a little shy of 3 kilos.

Every thirty years a new member enters our family. 1892 - Selvanayagam(my great grandpa)
1922- Robin( my grandpa)
1952 - David ( my dad)
1982 - Prason (Me)
2012 - Anya (My daughter)

Hope Anya would break this record in future. The life of little Anya is something everyone would yearn for. The following flow chart explains her lifestyle.

Henry David once said " Every child begins the world again." Yes, Anya has changed my world yet again. There will be a new series in this blog dedicated for my Anya.

Note: I am still contemplating whether I should use the pet name RENU for my princess Anya.

When my wife told my little doll that her dad is a humor blogger, this was her reaction. This was her first smile too. A poker faced one.