Wednesday, April 25, 2012

510. When the wife is not at home

I love cooking and it is one of my favorite hobbies (just like writing). Staying alone for more than ten years made me to learn cooking. The chicken dishes are my favorite. My favorite pass time is " the cooking party" I used to throw for my friends. 

When ever I am bored , I call my friends home and cook for them. Indeed, I make them cut vegetables and also help me in the cooking process.

After I got married, I stopped entering the kitchen. My wife took control of that portion of the house. Yes we have territories in our house that we don't entertain each other to enter. The computer is my territory. 

The Television is a shared commodity - both of us are not much into television. Even when we watch anything on TV, it would be some News channel or sports. 

One great bonding place is the balcony at home. Sitting together in the balcony early in the morning and sipping hot coffee indeed helps a couple to share a special bond. If you have not tried it, try it with your better half. 

When the woman of the house goes onsite, many husbands have a gala time. Sometimes, the men start flirting with other women. Sometimes they bring home their friends and start drinking. Usually when the husband is alone at home for a week or two, the house becomes unclean and messed up. 

In my case, I resorted to cooking again. After a long gap, I started cooking again. Last night , I called home a few of my friends and made pepper chicken for them. Though my specialty is Fried chicken and Chicken masala, Pepper chicken came out very well too. My friends had a good time and there was fun and laughter.

Rice + Dhal masala +Pepper chicken + vegetable salad + mango pickle  = Mouth watering jalsa Dinner.

All this said and done, when all the friends left home, It was all empty again. Yes I miss my wife. Three more days and I'll see her. 

  1. Smash garlic cloves (10) with a hammer, and fry the garlic cloves in a pan. Frying in ghee gives a good smell
  2. Add sliced onion (1) , vertically cut chilies (4), curry leaves (20-25) in the frying pan and saute them
  3. Now add chicken pieces (1 Kilogram) in the pan and mix the mixture. Simmer the fire (If it is induction stove lower the induction temp to 600) and close the pan with a lid for 10 minutes
  4. Open the lid and add turmeric powder, a pinch of salt and mix the contents. Cook till the water dries
  5. Add soya sauce (2 table spoon)and mix the contents. Add salt to taste - This is the secret ingredient of pepper chicken
  6. Now add two heaped table spoons of pepper and toss the pan. Garnish with coriander leaves
  7. Squeeze half lime 
Pepper chicken is ready. 

Cooking time : 30 minutes .
Serve along with : Chappathy / Bread / Dosa / Rice with Dhal


Thursday, April 12, 2012

509. I know everything; You know Nothing

We are living in an information age where there is dearth of information. Back those days, when someone told something new everyone would sit around that person and listen eagerly. But today with the advent of internet and the availability of huge amount of information on the web, anyone can access anything and get an idea about any topic.

People who do not know anything about cricket, can just spend sometime online and get enough information to involve in discussions on IPL. Internet has given birth to many such souls. Gone were the days when information was available from only few sources. In the past when the knowledgeable people spoke others listened to them; but now even when a knowledgeable person speaks, another person who has just a pinch of information on the same subject also joins the conversation as if he knows the subject  in totality.

Everybody these days want to express themselves but nobody wants to listen to others. Communication is an art that will be effective only if a person listens to understand the other person's views and then answers that. But today no one bothers to know what the other person is trying to communicate; everybody just want to talk.

Facebook and Twitter are two places where everyone just posts something thinking that the whole world will agree with them. Every writer who picks up a pen and paper thinks that he is Shakespeare and tries to force his writings on others. 

On 11th April 2012, a Big earthquake hit the shores of Sumatra and the aftershocks were felt in Chennai also. I was talking with a colleague of mine when I saw the table moving. More than anything Twitter and Facebook were the most affected places because of the earthquake. Till the earthquake news spread around, everybody were talking as if they knew everything about cricket.. Now everyone are discussing about the intricate details about earthquakes and tsunamis. If Google and wikipedia sites go down for a week, the world will be more calmer.

The second most affected species were the couples who romance in the beach sands. The cops chased them away. They cursed the Tsunami and left the place. More than the Tsunami, the media people created major havoc by saying that a big Tsunami is gonna hit Chennai. 

Finally just when the Tsunami was about to Hit the chennai shores, our one and only Gabtun jumped into the scene. If he had jumped a little more, the sea would have dried up.


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

508. Are you a Cross Dresser?

 Why am I starting this blog post with a stiletto? Many would say that it is a bad omen to start a post with a seruppu (footwear). You might also think who actually owns this pair of stilettos.  Would you believe that these are footwear for men? You gotta believe me because stilletos for men have entered the fashion Industry and the Indian fashion fraternity has embraced it too.( If you do not believe me, Google it yourself). Now, no one can say that a certain footwear is meant for women and a certain footwear is for men. At this rate everything will be used by everyone irrespective of gender differences.

Women might still argue and say that men cannot wear skirts and wrap-around. But hold on a second, even before women declared that skirts and wrap-around belong to the female species, the men had already started using it. 

The Roman men always wore short skirts and South Indian men also wear a wrap around. They call it lungi. So even in dressing style, women cannot say that men cannot wear a certain dress.

Now some women might say "what about sarees? It can be worn only by women". But history proves that long before the saree was introduced to women Samana Munivars (Yogis) in India wore sarees. Vivekananda is always clad in Samana Saree.
So what exactly is cross dressing? There are certain wears that are designed for certain private parts of men and women. Such attires are not supposed to be inter-worn. The Bible forbids cross dressing of this kind.

Is a trouser, shorts, T shirt, pants an attire for men or women? The question remains unanswered. What ever be the case, as long as we don't scare the dogs and cover our body with clothes we need not worry about who wears what. This post is not gonna bring a change in the mindset of people. But at least it will make some of you to dream for a better future. Let us make our country proud

Note If you find any relevance for the inclusion of the last two lines in the above paragraph, please tell me. I forgot why I added it here in the first place