The picture says it all. The baby is not worried because the parents have left the baby in a creche.  The baby is unhappy because the parents do not spend time with the baby even when the baby is at home.

More often we see depravity as a word that is associated with poor and downtrodden children. But even children born to rich parents are deprived of love and care in many houses. Both the parents work hard to earn money for the child's future and in the process end up not spending time with the children. 

Though this thought might sound crude, rude and rugged, it would hit the heart of some of the parents who don't spend time with their children. The message part of this blog post is over. Now let us move to the funny part of the blog post. Hope many would agree with me on the following things

The Child says : I did not do anything
Reality : The child has done some mischief.

"Kids say/do the darnedest things" 

Me: ( Looking down at myself) Ugh… I’m fat….
James: (looks over at me) Mom, you’re not fat. You’ve just got a lot of body
submitted by Radhika.S

My 5 year old boy is really good at his racing games on PS2. One day he came over to me and gave me a great big hug and said,  “Mom, I love you. I love you even MORE than video games”!
Now I know that my son really loves me.
submitted by Eva Sanders

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It is always good not to know answers for some questions