Mar 29, 2012

507. How can we make this world a better place?

Some people are misfits in a group. They don't really fit in; but still they are kept in the group for reasons best known to nobody. 

Examples are Sreesanth in the Indian cricket team; Poonam Pandey in the modelling Industry; Arnab Gowsami in the News Media industry; Ravi Shastri and Navjot Singh in the commentary box; T Rajender in the movie Industry; Sania Mirza in Tennis;  Chronicwriter in the Blogging Industry; Corrupt Ministers in the Parliament ( I am not gonna name anyone here) ; Andhra Ministers who watch Porn ( As if all the others who are reading this blog have not seen porn at all) etc...

Just like these misfit people, we have many things that we seldom use on a daily basis. Some of these things are mentioned in this post. You can also add some of the unused things in the comments section.

1) The Treadmill or the Underwear drier

The treadmill becomes an integral part of every household that could afford it. The buyer of this equipment is anyone who has a thoppai (pout). The walking machine is bought with a sole purpose to burn some calories and to reduce weight. After this machine comes home, the buyer will religiously exercise on this machine everyday. After a few weeks, the buyer will realize that the walking machine does not help him/her in reducing weight. So he/she slowly reduces his time on the treadmill. In due course of time, the treadmill becomes an unwanted element in the house. It stores up a lot of space. In many houses the tread mill is used for drying clothes. Towels, socks and underwear dry real fast when they are dried on a treadmill.

2) The wedding Gown and the Wedding suit

You wear these on your wedding day and everyone will say that you look gorgeous/handsome. But try wearing it on other days and it doesn't fit into the picture at all. The golden decorated Sherwani, I bought for my reception is still hanging in my wardrobe. I am still looking for an opportunity to wear it and walk around. How many girls out there are wearing their wedding gown everyday? Yes it indeed looks great on your wedding day and it even looks great on the photographs when the photographer is really talented. Statistics reveal that a human being wears his/her wedding attire not more than 3 times in his/her entire life. My wedding suit can't be even worn on for business meetings. It has these three holes for flower decoration and It also has these three big golden buttons.

3)The Unseen movies

If you are a movie buff, you will have the tendency to buy lot of dvds. Now a days we get this 4 in 1 and 16 in 1 DVDs and most of these DVDs are pirated ones. We buy many such DVDs and we end up watching only one or 2 movies in a DVD. My DVD collection is so huge that I can store the DVDs in a small lorry. I can even start a video library on my own i guess. Do you have such DVDs too?

4) Vacuum Cleaner

20 years ago when my dad bought an Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner for our home, we asked him what it was. Today my nephew asks the same question when he sees that vacuum cleaner. Very few have seen the vacuum cleaner been used to clean houses. In our house, cleaning the vacuum cleaner takes 3 hours. I have used the vacuum cleaner as hair drier. Now it is just another space occupying dormant machine at home.

5) Clothes and Shoes

The wardrobe is the dirtiest place in many homes. It is even dirty than toilets in most houses. The amount of unused clothes  and the shoes that we do not use occupy a big junk of space at our home. Why can't we give away the unused clothes to the less privileged and needy. Just try arranging your wardrobe this weekend and you ill find many clothes that you don't wear at all. You can pack those clothes and give them to the poor and needy in your own neighborhood.
6) The couch potato

Yes! This is the husband of the house. This creature just sits in the couch and juggles between the TV remote control and the music system remote control. He orders his wife around and she has to bring him water and food to the couch. He also writes blog posts sitting in the same couch and in due course of time he develops a thoppai (pout) and when that happens he buys a treadmill. After that you know the story. 

Note: Please bear with the couch potato. Throwing him out of the house will only worsen things for him and you. But in all the other cases, you can dispose the unwanted things and make this world a better place to live in


Mar 21, 2012

506. You put me in Creche; I put you in Old age home

The picture says it all. The baby is not worried because the parents have left the baby in a creche.  The baby is unhappy because the parents do not spend time with the baby even when the baby is at home.

More often we see depravity as a word that is associated with poor and downtrodden children. But even children born to rich parents are deprived of love and care in many houses. Both the parents work hard to earn money for the child's future and in the process end up not spending time with the children. 

Though this thought might sound crude, rude and rugged, it would hit the heart of some of the parents who don't spend time with their children. The message part of this blog post is over. Now let us move to the funny part of the blog post. Hope many would agree with me on the following things

The Child says : I did not do anything
Reality : The child has done some mischief.

"Kids say/do the darnedest things" 

Me: ( Looking down at myself) Ugh… I’m fat….
James: (looks over at me) Mom, you’re not fat. You’ve just got a lot of body
submitted by Radhika.S

My 5 year old boy is really good at his racing games on PS2. One day he came over to me and gave me a great big hug and said,  “Mom, I love you. I love you even MORE than video games”!
Now I know that my son really loves me.
submitted by Eva Sanders

Now for Chronicwriter specials on Kids

It is always good not to know answers for some questions


Mar 8, 2012

505. Happy Women's day

Want to get home made muttinnnnn priyani?
1) Take a photo like this
2) Praise your wife
3) Praise the whole women community
4) Act innocent. 

Post it on Facebook and wait for comments

  • Today, I posted this on Facebook and got a decent number of comments. But did not get 

    mutton biriyani. I did not even get idli. Anyways! Happy women's day