Disclaimer: Might be a True story.
"Some pairs are made in heaven, but some unusual pairs are made in the beach."
It has been four years.I was sitting on the beach thinking about those good old days.The fun filled school life. Musical days in college. Memories are always sweet to cherish especially when we are alone.
I saw happy faces running around and playing in the beach. An old man walking with his dog. A young couple playing with their little kid.A few bachelors sitting together and cracking jokes.Well I noticed them all.

I was sitting alone.It was a cold evening. The sun was setting.I noticed a man and his girlfriend walking on the sea shore. She was holding his hands and her head rested on his shoulders.I felt happy for them. But as they walked past me, tear drops welled my eyes. Pooja Malhotra.Yes thats the same girl...
3rd October 2000
I was a senior in college.The freshers have just joined in. I was among the very few souls in college who wanted to have a good time ragging the juniors.

"Whats your name?",my rough voice echoed through her ear drums...
"Pooja",a soft voice soothed my ear drums ...
3rd October 2001
College day celebrations. She was sitting in the crowd. I was on stage with my band.I did not take my eyes off Pooja.She had her eyes fixed on mine too. The vacuum between us was so thick that I could actually cut it with a knife. I sang the song "Lady in Red" for her. My friends knew that I dedicated the song for her
3rd October 2002
Two years of togetherness. We were sitting in the same beach. We are friends for two years now.Neither of us ever proposed each other. But we knew in our hearts that we were in Love. I finally popped the question, "Can I make you mine?"... A few minutes of silence.. Our eyes spoke the language of love.Our love finally blossomed in the beach.
3rd October 2003
I am no more in college. I have passed out of college. I am working now. I call her to remind her that this was the day that I first spoke to her and this was the day that our love blossomed between us. I talked for five long hours. The heavy phone bill said it all.
3rd October 2004
I am now in college(MBA) and she has passed out of college.She is working in an IT firm in Mumbai.I took leave from classes and went all the way from Cochin to Mumbai to see her.We had a great time.I knew she missed me a lot
"When will you marry me?"
"Wait till I finish my MBA"
"But my parents are looking for a guy for me. It is very hard to convince them. You are Tamil. I am a Sindhi. You are a christian. I am a Hindu. Do you think that it will work out?"
" Why such a doubt after four years? That too on a special day?"
"Just wanted to ask you! Do you think that we could make it?"
"What ever happens, I am sure that we will make it through"
3rd October 2005
It has been four months. But I still can't find where she is!!!
Why did not she tell me that she is leaving me?
I can't forget this day...
3rd October 2008
It has been four years.I was sitting on the beach thinking about those good old days.........
....... I saw a couple walking hand in hand. I felt happy for them. But as they walked past me, tear drops welled my eyes. Pooja Malhotra.I have finally seen her after four long years. She did not notice me. I was not a part of her world anymore. "Even Humorous people have sad memories", I thought to myself and walked into the sunset