Tuesday, November 22, 2011

494. When my wife cooks.

When my wife cooks

For those who know me personally,you would know that I love cooking. Beef is my favorite dish. When I was a bachelor, I always had friends coming over to my place and I just loved to cook for them. The love for cooking started when I started living away from home. In the beginning I missed home cooked food made by mom. But later when I learnt to cook, I started enjoying it.

When I was a kid, I hated Idlis. I used to throw them out of the window when ever my mom made idlis for breakfast. Now I miss those idlis.

My cooking diary takes me back to those days when I learnt to cook by boiling water [link]

My bachelor days came to an end and a new member has started to share the house with me. I call her my wife. Joan is her name. Joan cooks food in her own style and like most south Indian Husbands , I also started saying ,"Joan, My mom's cooking style is the best style".

Joan has a poor eye sight (She said Yes to marry me). The biggest blunder Joan made in her married life was when she said, "Honey, You are not allowed inside the kitchen. I will do the cooking". She sure would regret her words. I obeyed her words sincerely and have not entered the kitchen ever since.

Sometimes she doesn't read the entire recipe and ends up creating a new dish. The other day she made chicken soup and misread the "add 1/4 tsp salt" as "add 1/4 cup salt". Drinking that soup was almost like taking a bath in the sea water. It was an experience of sorts.

Two lessons learnt by my wife in the kitchen
  1. Oil and water are enemies and they war with each other inside a frying pan
  2. Opening a Hot pressure cook will give you a steam bath

Last week, I had crispy Papads for breakfast. Later I was informed that it was poori. I posted it on FB and I was beaten black and blue by my wife. I just recovered from bruises. But I am still living under-cover in my own house.

This morning, She told me that she would make Biriyani for me. You would know about my condition in my next post.

Till then, have fun


Happy Eating !


Friday, November 18, 2011

493. The death of Kamalinga Kaju (Horror Movie)

My second movie. No one was hurt while filming this movie. Watch this movie at your own risk. Parental (Non) Guidance is necessary. Will this movie win the Oscars?


492. Cold War

The word Cold War came into existence in the mid 1900s when the communist states in Soviet Russia fought for power. An actual war did not take place; but every move by the states was a proof that they hated each other.

We find this cold war everywhere. It exists between a Husband and wife to find who makes the rule at home. It exists between a brother and sister to find who gets the better treatment from their parents. It exists between siblings for the fight for the TV remote control. When two people end up sitting next to each other for a time period, they eventually end up developing Cold War. This is the same case with countries. When it is the case of two people, when they develop cold war, they can move away from each other and give each other some breathing space. But when cold war erupts between two countries, they cannot move away from each other. The cold war finally results in war.

Israel and the surrounding countries always fight with each other (All for a piece of Land ~ Just like little kids fighting for a piece of paper). There is constant tension between India and China and India and Pakistan for possession of land. The people living in the borders are the victims to the cold war that exist between the different countries.

India and Pakistan have warred with each other and India has had the upper hand in all three occasions. The hatred is so much that both the countries take their hatred on the innocent people of both countries. India blames Pakistan and Pakistan blames India and the blame game is a never ending story.Innocent victims lose their lives; where as Dawood Ibrahim stays healthy in Pakistan and Ajmal Kasab stays healthy in India. On the flip side few people have broken this barrier that was created because of this cold war.

1. Suleman Mirza and Madhu Singh

These two are an amazing dance pair. Suleman is a Pakistani dancer who dances like MJ and Madhu Singh is an Indian who is a class act in Bhangra. Together they make a deadly dance combination. They stole every one's heart in the talent show ~ "Britain's got talent". If you have not seen their dance magic, please check their wonderful dance moves in YouTube.

2. Rohan Bopanna and Aisam Ul-Haq-Qureshi

In Tennis, everyone would remember "The woodies" (Todd and Mark) , The Bryan Brothers and The Indian Express (Leander and Mahesh). But how many of you know about the Indo-Pak express? The Indo-Pak pair of Bopanna and Qureshi are a class act and they play wonderful serve and volley game. They are a great example that two people from these two countries can actually be winning partners.

3. Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

I really do not whether they have done their country proud. Sania showed initial spark in her tennis career. But that soon flew away. She often gets blanked by her opponents in the very first round of grand slams. Her Hubby is not even playing competitive cricket. That would mean that they get enough time to spend with each other as their professional playing career ends even before it starts.

I am an Indian and I am thinking of partnering with a Pakistani for a noble cause. If I do so, I would also join in this elite list. I am still contemplating on two things
1) The person to partner with
2) The Cause

Care to give suggestions ?


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

491. Laziest people in the world.

With the advancement of technology man is becoming lazier and lazier everyday. There was a time when I used to come home from school, take a bath, change my clothes and go out to play cricket with my friends. I used to be brisk and hyper active. But these days , the story has changed. I come home and land in the couch and reach for the remote control and just lie there and watch TV till dinner time. Most of the time I wouldn't even remove my socks.

Even when I use the laptop, I used to lie down on the bed and write blog posts. Then one day I saw that a man died because of using laptops in bed. Then I stopped using lap tops in bed. But still I am lazy. Every payment transaction is done online these days. Yes it saves time. It also makes us lazy. We don't have to stand in queues in banks and we don't have to stand in queue to pay electricity bills.

There are lazy people in each and every field. In Cricket, the laziest batsman I have ever seen is Inzamam Ul Haq. How many times we would have seen him running himself out. It all started with the famous Flying Johnty dismissal. Then it became an every day affair with Inzamam.

How can we forget Arjuna Ranatunga, who had great difficulty in running between the wickets. He invented the walking between the wicket syndrome.

If Inzy and Ranatunga are alow runners between the wickets, Chanderpaul is a slow stander in front of the wicket. His stance is as though he has just recovered from a piles operation. He stretches his legs so wide and one whole family can sit between his legs and finish dinner while he bats.

My European friend Steve is so lazy to stand and pee. Hence he has placed a chair in his loo. He performs the Volcano by sitting in his chair.

I am very lazy to complete this post. Right now I am so lazy like the guy who designed the Japanese flag.

(The last Japanese flag joke was uttered by my friend Shalomie.)

Have you come across any Lazy people in your life? Tell us about them.


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

490.Little Terrorists

Diwali is finally over. It was supposed to be the festival of lights. But in Chennai it became the festival of Noise pollution.I wasn't able to drive the car because of lack of visibility andI had to stay indoors because of the smoke.

The little boys in our colony ( I live in a small colony) were like little terrorists the whole week. Every one of them had a fire cracker in their hand. The dogs in the colony disappeared from the scene. These dogs used to terrorize the colony on other days by chasing the little kids, howl and bark in chorus in the nights. But they went to invisible mode during Diwali.

The little boys also targeted the elderly couple in our colony. The kids play cricket in the colony and every now and then, they would hit the ball into one of the houses. The old folks in the colony create a fuss and they never give the ball back to the kids. I seriously have no clue what they do with the balls!?! So during Diwali time, the kids payback by bursting crackers, sending rockets aimed at their target houses. For once I even thought that they were dangerous than terrorists.

Should crackers be banned? I would not say so. Personally I would not prefer to burst crackers. But I would not impose my thoughts on anyone and I would not cry out loud and say " Stop Bursting Crackers". In India many Fire Cracker manufacturing units employ Children for labor work [link]. If we could give education to all the children, then I would also join the cry and shout "Say No to Fire Crackers".

Can you see this kid below. His name is Raju Naik (Name Changed). He is 5 years old. He loves to burst fire crackers too. But he has never done that in his life. Reason~ Poverty. His parents find it difficult to meet both ends meet and many a days , he does not even have one meal per day; the whole family has been content by drinking just water on many occasions. He says that he wants to become a Pilot and fly air-planes. One might laugh at him when he says those words. But he says those words with such confidence. There are thousands of Rajus in the country and all of them have dreams. As of now, their dreams appear to be unrealistic. But you and I can make their dreams come true.

Help A Child of India is an NGO that caters to the needs of Children living in poverty. It just takes Rs500/- per month to sponsor one child's education. You and I who have got all the privileges, can extend our helping hands to the under-privileged. If you think, that you can make a difference in the lives of Children like Raju, just click the above picture and start sponsoring.

Let us put a smile on the faces of those in need.