Friday, August 26, 2011

477. Men In Black attacked me

I and my cousins call ourselves "The Men In Black". We perform nasty missions during weddings. We dedicate corny songs for the wedding couple; We rag them and scare them with different facial expressions and we also play silly pranks on them. In short - We make life a living hell for the couples on their wedding day (and night too). I am a very active member of this gang and we have plotted and devised wonderful pranks during our cousins' weddings. Everything is funny as long as it's not happening to you. The Men in Black attacked me on my big day too. The following pictures speak for themselves. Click the pictures for better view.

1) The Men in Black's rehearsal session. (Hence they are in civilian clothing for this photo)

2) On my wedding reception with Joan, The Men in Black occupied the stage before Joan could sit on the chair with me. The punching started and we all had swollen faces. This was done to add glamor to our faces so that we would look HOT during the photo session that followed late that evening

3) When the MIB attacked the stage, Joan went into a hiding. So the Men in Black planned a mission to locate her. The planning session was caught on camera.

4) Finally theMIB were successful in locating Joan. But I was still searching for her. This is how they located her.

5) Once they located Joan, they posed with attitude.

6) I was full of happiness because of the successful completion of the mission by the MIB. Hence as a mark of respect for the Men In Black, I sang a song.

7) Once the song was over, the MIB attacked me by dedicating the song "Yesterday -Beatles" for Joan and me. I seriously have no clue why they chose that song for us. They might have their political reasons.

8) After the wedding was over, the MIB indulged in a two hour ragging session in which Joan and I were made to sing, dance and do lot of crazy stuff.

The MIB also screened a two minute video in which they gave 5 golden advices to the couple. These Five advices will be used in family counselling syllabus by leading universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Alqaeda. Check the video to attain immediate Moksha.


If you want the MIB to attack you and your better half on your wedding day (and night) we would be more than happy to fulfill your wish.

Our Services Include :

1) Planning and Execution of pranks.
2) Ragging, Eve-teasing, Adam-teasing till we see blood in ears /tears in eyes.
3) Planting squeaky dolls, fire-crackers under the mattress / bed of the nuptial couple.
4) Golden Advice to the couple
5) Posing for photos.

You can also invite us for birthday parties. We can make your babies cry by pinching them.

We are in high demand and hence we are very costly too. Please contact me to book us in advance.


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