Friday, July 08, 2011

472. Why did Obama call me?

Last night, I was busy on the phone with my fiancee. Suddenly He came in the second line. Yes it was the same guy who won the US presidential elections by speaking my lines -"Yes. We Can". I did not pick his call.

Why did Obama call me?

Why does he have to call me in the middle of the night?

Osama is already dead. Still Why did he call me?

Why isn't ground-nut frying a peaceful job yet?

Any guesses why he would have called?

- Chronicwriter


  1. Tummy burning ;-) what else..

  2. Who cares...send us a picture of Joan :P

  3. To advertise himself in ur blog...
    May god give him some more popularity :)

  4. Photo to advertise obama waiting or you spoke more than 2 hours with joan??? ;) ;)

  5. He called coz he can...

    I hope he didn't call you 40 times..

    Does Joan have anything to do with this?

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