Monday, April 11, 2011

455. Lessons for life from 5 Narcissistic pictures of mine

Advice: It is the only thing that you can give freely to anyone. So here you go...

Oh Yes! I am in such a cranky mood today. You better agree with all that I say. If you don't agree with me and if you want me to agree with you instead, I would not mind doing that; but in such a case we both would be wrong. So you better agree with me.

Now It is time to upload some of my pictures . You might want to know the reason behind it
  1. It gives me an opportunity to upload some of my clicks for public display.
  2. It gives me an opportunity to throw some more advices at you using those pictures.
Note: No animals were killed during this photo shoot

1) Never try to feed the whole haystack to a cow in a single day.

Never ever try to feed more than what you can actually eat. We often have the tendency to try to understand an entire subject in a single go. If we do so, we might end with confusion, constipation and convulsion.

This advice is not applicable to Engineering students who try to feed the whole haystack on the day before their semester exam. The picture conveys the message. Three of us tried to enter the boot of the car. It took an entire hour for all three of us to come out of the boot of the car.

2)I wear a chain around my neck, cause I wanna know when I am upside down.

When people ask me, "Chriz, Why do you wear that chain?", I never had an answer to give them. Now I have an answer for them. For all those who drink too much, if you have a chain around your neck, you will know when you are standing on your feet and when you are standing on your head.

Note: When you are standing upside down, remove all the obstacles like the naughty friend who tickles your feet with a twig.

Additional Note: 13th of April is Chronicwriter's birthday. It is also Tamilnadu election day. If you fail to cast your vote, the future of Tamilnadu will turn upside down too

(Edha Kondu Edhu Kooda da Koakkura?)

The above line is in Tamil. It means " Abnormal usage of Similes"

3. Life is 99 % Anticipation and 1 % Over-anticipation.

Most of us choose the 1% that is mentioned in the heading. We Over-anticipate things and often miss the target. We often worry about trivial matters in life. Stay cool. "Aaaaal is Well"

4. If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans- Woody Allen

How many times have we set unrealistic Goals in our lives? How many times have we dived inside the pool without even knowing the depth of the pool?

When you start doing a job, plan well, set intermediate targets and work towards the goal. Always have the Final Goal in your mind. The means of achieving the final goal is very important.

When I saw two coconut trees standing next to each other, I decided to climb both trees simultaneously and create a Guinness Record. The two coconut trees were very tall. I was successful till midway. The two trees were not parallel throughout. One tree had a bend on it and that's when the trouble began. I was stuck in mid air. I did not have strength to climb down too. Finally Life guards from the beach came to my rescue.

Moral : Always have a back-up plan.

5) A blind man can see his mouth - Irish Proverb

I am in love with the Blind man Quotes.

“A blind man knows he cannot see, and is glad to be led, though it be by a dog; but he that is blind in his understanding, which is the worst blindness of all, believes he sees as the best, and scorns a guide” - Samuel Butler.

I had plenty of pimples as a kid. One day I fell asleep in the library.When I woke up, a Blind man was reading my face - Rodney Dangerfield.

The photographer is in front of me and not where my eyes are focussed on. I am not gonna tell what I am looking at. I leave it to your imagination

Note : All the photos were taken in Sentosa beach, Singapore. My last trip to the beach in Singapore



  1. LOL ;)

    Climbing on two trees at the same time is first of its kind :) class act ;)

    Were you trying to experiment all fonts on one single post! ;)

    "Edha Kondu Edhu Kooda da Koakkura?" read this 10 times to realize tat it was tamil!! ;) Did you want to say Kolappura - confusion :)

  2. @Nithya :

    1) Climbing two trees simultaneously has never been done before.

    2) Trying out different fonts in one post ( There is an agenda behind it)

    3) Koakkura = Connecting in Tamil. It is a Comical one liner that is used by comedian Vadivel in his movies

  3. Haha, I totally loved it. :D

    Happy Advanced Birthday waise ^_^
    Click more photos so as to write more posts like this :P

    Take care, you.

  4. :D rotfl- ya never fail to amuse me.. i'm onlyyyyyyy most wurid abt the 'stuck between the nuts' situation :P haaaa - i meant the coconuts silly.. n yes very lieky the upside down situation- its gonna be specially scary if amma lands in that pose- for ya atleats it was a chain, for her it'd be her sari ;) not a pretty sight, n well if its thatha- well- i dun even wanna imagine if his dong still exists! ughhh

  5. LOL your photos!
    Are you really telling me that you tried that 2 trees act?
    That has to be a photoshop trick:P

  6. hi.. its nice..

    i think u don't like the comfortable place to stay(sit)...
    [sit in the car dickey.. or climb on the tree..whats this..]
    choose comfortable place yah..


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