Friday, April 01, 2011

451. Chronic Thoughts about #CWC11 finals

When India won the semifinal match against Pakistan, the kids in the neighborhood burst crackers and made merry. I totally accept that. But why did that 7 year old kid from my colony punch me in the face? Totally Unacceptable.

I am very glad that India has moved to the finals of the worldcup where they will be facing the bowling trio of Malinga, Mendis and Murali.

  • Malinga has a foot fetish. He always bowls yorkers on the toes of the batsmen. Indians gotta watch out for his toe-breaking yorkers. When ever I see him, I am reminded of the movie batman. Remember Joker?

Malinga missed the first two games of the world cup because the Srilankan team Manager misplaced the keys of the animal cage.

How ever the Indian team hasn't found a cage to lock our very own Appam Chappathy @Gopumon. He was given an opportunity in the first match of the worldcup where he was thrashed to all parts of he ground by the Bangladeshi Batsmen. Now he is warming the bench for team India. Occasionally he is used to carry the drinks to the field and when a batsman needs a change of bat, our Gopumon runs to action. A few years ago, he happened to watch the movie Tamil movie Gajini and fell in love with Surya's hairstyle. Immediately he attempted to have a similar hairstyle. The outcome was horrendous. Reports say that Harbajjan Singh would often get irritated seeing our Gopumon's face that he even slapped him on field. See the picture for yourself. In a team that boasts of the Sachins, Sehwags, Yuvarajs and Dhonis, we also have Gopumon. Even earth has a blackhole.

I certainly would love to watch Sachin scoring his 100th International 100 on the Big finals against the Srilankans. I also would love to watch Sehwag go crazy against Malinga. I would love to see Yuvaraj's towering sixes of Murali and Mendis. It would be a treat to watch Harbajjan's Dhoosra and Nehra's Theesra. I would also love to see Munaf Patel's face with a baby-bottom shave.

Model Poonam Pandey has expressed her desire to bare it all if India wins the world cup. She has decided to do a private show for the Indian cricketers if the men in Blue win the world cup. I hope that Bajji would give her a tight slap so that she doesn't attempt cheap stunts to garner attention in the future. She should be locked inside a room along with Navjot Singh Sidhu and Arnab Gowsami and they should give her a 24 hours non-stop pep talk.

In the mean time, the Srilankan think tank has called in the experienced Chaminda Vaas for the final match against India. Chaminda Vaas who was known for his toe crushing yorkers against Left handers will be an apt opening partner for Malinga. India has 3 mainline left-handers in the batting line-up (Gambhir, Yuvi and Raina). Both the bowlers are really great in the slog overs also. Considering India's poor form in the last batting power play, this is a wonderful move made by the Srilankan selectors. Though Chaminda Vaas has a shorter run up, he still has venom in his deliveries. Its gonna be the best bowling attack vs the best batting line-up.

But we need not worry because we have Rajanikanth in the Line-up. ( A text-message that I got now)

virat “K”ohli,
z kha”N”
m pa”T”el,
r as”H”win

The one reason that makes me sad to even think that India would win the Cricket world cup:-

Sreesanth would also do the victory lap along with the Team if India wins the world cup.

BTW, Poonam Pandey has already kept her promise [link]


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  1. Im not a fan of malinga..I stil doubt whether he is bowling or throwing a ball at the batsman :P

    Nd yes, Poonam pandey should be locked down with sidhu..:) That would serve her right..:D

    **The one reason that makes me sad to even think that India would win the Cricket world cup:-

    Sreesanth would also do the victory lap along with the Team if India wins the world cup.

    - My feelings exactly..!:)

  2. hey know this.. the most searched item on net is "Poonam Pandey" ..the moment she does it . the world will know

    secondly, the link is self revelatory. hover uer mouse over the link and see :D

  3. India will win and you know finally Sachin will get to live his dream and all of us too!

  4. when India won the semi-final match, you couldn't even drive through the roads...a tiny looking kids stopped me on the road,pulled my hair...and everybody was screaming ...unacceptable:)

  5. and when they won the finals it was surprisingly less chaotic...phew:)


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