Thursday, February 10, 2011

442. Mind Boggling Emotional Performance

Emotional scenes in any movie genre has the capability to weave a strong connection with the movie audience. Many Actors in world Cinema have donned wonderful roles and by their acting have captivated many a hearts.

  • Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors. His acting in the Movie Forrest Gump made me cry.
  • Life is beautiful is still etched in my memory because of Roberto Benigni
  • Guiseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso can move even the stone hearted.
  • A walk to Remember made me think of falling in Love
  • Taare Zameen Par is one movie through which Ishaan showcased his talents to the entire world. The song " Meri Maa" still brings tear drops to my eyes.
  • Moving South, None can beat the evergreen Talented actor Kamal Hassan and his acting. His emotional scenes in Anbe Sivam, Nayagan still serve as great learning points for upcoming actors.

Film Critics rate Kamal Hassan's emotional crying scene in the Movie Mahanadhi as one of the finest performances in Indian Cinema.

None of these performances stand even a mile closer to the Greatest Emotional performance of all time by the Greatest actor of all time. I am not gonna reveal the name of the actor here. I have no words to describe this scene. So you better watch this video for yourself.



  1. Early morning I arduously watched this :D

  2. @teq-uila del zapata dare to say that in india!you get evaporated like the fluid in your name

  3. @ !Teq-uila Del Zapata

    hmhm... you will need to see the entire movie to understand the pain in the scene....

  4. yennn yennnnn yennnnnn nnnnn nnnnnn??? :P

    he never fails to amaze nor entertain us.. seriously what was he thinkin?? or rather y wasnt he?? jeez...

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  6. @saranrathi :
    TR is not a comedy piece He is damn serious guy !! he is a combo of Terror+Romance :P

  7. thalaivar epovume apadithan!


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