My friend, Varun added a few of our college photos in his facebook album. I was going through the photos and it pulled me back to my MBA days. I did my MBA in Rajagiri School Of Management. I had tears going through the snaps. I was not sad; but it was nostalgia at its very best. A few things that we guys loved doing during our college days were
  1. Bunking college and getting sloshed
  2. Painting the Cochin roads at midnight
  3. Getting caught by cops for drunken driving
  4. Movies with friends
  5. Bunking college and going to the beach
This post is about one unforgettable day that happened during my college days. It was unforgettable because all the above mentioned five things happened on a single day. We were seven friends. We called ourselves the "Sexy Seven". We bunked college that morning and we were soon sloshed too (Thanks to Alcoholanandha). The cars zoomed at 100 kmph and landed up in Cherai beach. The moment we landed up in the beach, this is what happened.

We all jumped into water. But every group has an exceptional error and in our group, it was Joseph Pius. He is the king of one liners and a philosophical genius. He did not run along with us because he always thinks that "one has to run his own race - alone". I have already written an article on Joseph Pius. Check it out here [link]

When he tried to be smart, the rest of us did not like it and we picked on poor Joseph and tried to nail him down by performing the Big-Bang theory on him. Check the photo below. Joseph is undeterred. He still poses for the snap. Varun is lying on top of Joseph and he is feeling the actual pain.Abraham Cheeran,Anterson Antony, Navin D'Cruz and Chriz (Chronicwriter) form the rest of the pile.

When we figured out that the Big-Bang theory was not successful, we adopted the "Nut-cracker" technique and it was a success. Check this picture to see us efficiently performing the "nut-cracker" technique.

Success means nothing for a bunch of stoned guys because defeating the opponent (Joseph Pius- in this case) motivates them to go for more. Hence our next mission was to throw Joseph inside the sea. Spraying sand on his eyes blinded him for a moment. In the picture below: Anterson is about to blind Joseph with sand. Varun watches along.

We then pounced on Joseph and dragged him in to the sea. Joseph lost 10 kilograms that day because of the quantum of molestation performed on him.

Now when I look back and remember those days, it gives me goose pimples. We were out of our mind on many occasions. Now I do ask myself , "Did I do that?" I might have got matured with time and I might not be the same guy, I used to be. Things change with time. People change too.

But memories remain for ever...