Wednesday, September 02, 2009

357. Fashion,Movies and Gossip

A friend of mine called me up and said,"Chrissy! Why do you write abstract topics in your blog all the time. Please do write about current affairs too". Chronicwriter never disappoints anyone. So this article is gonna be about the Hottest happening News around the Globe.

August 31st 2009 was a bad in Anand John's life. He got a minimum 59 year life sentence. The 36 year old Fashion designer would be a 95 year old man when he finally makes his way out of prison. Anand is the same designer who designs wardrobe collection for Paris Hilton, Janet Jackson and Oprah Winfrey. I can at least digest Anand agreeing to design clothes for Paris Hilton and Janet Jackson. But why would he and why did he select Oprah? Is that the reason behind his life sentence? 

Reliable sources, however said that Anand was sentenced because he was charged for raping 23 young models. Now who would design clothing range for Paris Hilton and Janet Jackson? Paris Hilton seldom wears clothes. A Hand kerchief is more than enough to cover her face. But what would poor Janet Jackson do? I strongly believe that Janet Jackson is behind Anand getting arrested because he designed her tops for her show with Justin Timberlake[link]. Justin is using that black leather cup as a face mask to protect himself from Swine Flue.

Swine Flu is claiming lives at a faster rate. More than 1000 people around the Globe have become victims to Swine Flu. A face mask is advocated for people to safeguard themselves from Swine Flu. All the Mexicans are wearing facemasks these days. These are the same Mexicans who revolted against wearing a condom. Apparently AIDS has claimed more than 1 million souls

Coming back to Anand John, he has been arrested for molesting little girls too. Hope he is not treated as God after his death. We have done it often. The whole world made fun of MJ for molesting children. MJ jokes were circulated as e-mail jokes. But suddenly when he died, everyone started calling him a saint. The world is full of hypocritical human beings.

Any topic on MJ is worth a million hits. Recently an UK tabloid created a stir by claiming that the third son of MJ, Prince Michael II's biological father is Macaulay Culkin. How ever the Home alone star is not at all shaken by such a News.

Clint Eastwood raised both his eyebrows when he was told that a competitor for him has finally emerged from India. The Indian Movie "Quick Gun Murugan" is a surprise package indeed for audiences around the Globe. Catch this teaser ad of the movie. Hope you would love it. The punch line in the movie," If you are lightening, I am 250 volt current , I say" has become very famous in India.

When all these News are creating waves around the globe, the comedy family of South India has finally decided to launch their Young Boy in the lead role in their upcoming movie. Yus! I am talking about Terror Romeo Rajender. T Rajender has two handsome sons. The first son is popularly called as" The little super star" by his dad. No one else calls him by that name. Everyone else call him chimpu. His younger Brother will be called as " The little mega star". His original name is Kuralarasan. He will be acting as a Romandick hero in TR's next movie. (Romandick is TR's pronunciation of Romantic). I tried to upload his picture in this post,not once but twice. My computer crashed. I stopped trying.

Latest news: TR has joined facebook.

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  1. Me the first I guess Yippie :) I was LOL @ TRR ...Onga thalaivar la avar?? adhanala damage panama iruken.. FB la avaroda contacts vechukanume :P

    Anand John lol.... wat-ay case analysis... and yeah I wanna watch QUICK GUN MURUGUN :) :) Very good post...loved it :)

  2. random and current post for the first time ..i guess :-0

  3. ROFWL..Too good a post...Keep writing bro...keep writing.You make the world far better place to live.Mind it.. TC:)

  4. Yeah... we would love to read hottest happening news. If this is how it is written, we wouldn't mind Chris writing about current affairs :)

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  6. ROFL!!! this was way too good than the abstract posts of urs..putting up random stuffs and developing a link..nice :)

  7. heard good reviews about quick gun murugun, have to see it for sure now..
    n when will this swine flu thing end?? the newspapers have got nothing else to talk nowadays..

  8. haha...i went through the dedicated post for TR again! Loled all over again!

  9. ha ha quick gun murugan:) yu shud post the dialogues of our ilaya mokaipathy vijay! goood current affairs ponga:)

  10. haven't been able to watch quick gun ... but t rajendra certainly looks like someone to watch out for !! :D

  11. Hanky sufficient to cover paris's face, ROF

  12. The one and wonly thing I am sure of while reading ur post is that it will never end with the topic you started with..From Anand John to TR...ROFL. I am hoping that Anand John is really wishing he would have been better in TR's shoes right now :)

  13. Good One !!! Btwn Quick Gun Murugan is good it seems !! Chriz u missed one thing " Vijay ENtering politics"

  14. "The world is full of hypocritical beings" - true!

    Nice flow that was Chriz bro... moving from one news to another with facile ease.

    "Chimpu"? LOL. That sounded like a nickname for Chimpanzee. rotfl.

    And "romandick"? ;) :P. Shabba!

    Idhulayum, your humour hasn't quite waned away. Cheers! :)

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  16. Anand Jon...That guy's got this stinking pony (or) pig tail. And he is a fashionista.Sigh.
    Sometimes I pity that guy...Maybe he wasn guilty. Given that,a fashion industry insider (who also is a good frnd)told me once that that the industry round the world is full of such people...Just that one or two are brought to trail . The others ace out such situations.
    Quick gun Murugan...I saw! And it was an okay fare:)
    And thanks for writing about TR, the terror giant Chimp and his son the Chimpu. Now that another guy from his backyard is abt to take over tamizh cinema by storm, we can be assured that there won't oanjam for antics in tamizh cinema.Sigh. And they want hollywood heroines.Kodumai.

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  18. Lolzz.. chriz, wat ever topic u choose u add ur own touch of humor to it.. great da, take care

  19. u hav spoken of so many current topics in one post. Gr8!!

    And anand jon deserves what he got, how i wish ppl in india got such sentences.

  20. heheh..thxs chriz..for updating my knowledge..:P
    let me know about the latest happening...

  21. Ha ha rockin post Chrony.

    I was thinking on those same lines when I heard about Anand John 59 years! why 59? why not 60?

    Ah! MJ... caught guilty. Coz I too felt sorry for MJ, especially the way he died. I used to love his songs and dance when I was young. Then I abhorred him for molesting kids. When he died, I felt sorry for him and though I didn't call him a saint, I published few songs of his in my blog :) My mom-in-law used to say "sethavan kannu senthamarai", though little rude, it's true.

    Man! quick gun murugan... i watched it yesterday in Sathyam.. don't look for logic.. you got to watch this film to realise the splendid glory of english :) the film made me laugh..

  22. Finally, news with a dash of Chronic humor:D
    Me likes it:)

  23. This post covered almost everything..
    Good one!!

  24. Its OK, if Ms Hilton has to do without her favorite designer. Its OK if Justin Timberlake has found a free facial mask....But I cant stand the fact that the probable Mr Handsome Hunk would soon enter Kollywood!!!

    Thanks for this warning anyways.

  25. After a long long time........

    keep it up.....BTW- I dont Jon cares much abt this post.........

  26. Lol :D

    My aunt became a huge fan of MJ AFTER he died... how weird is that ;)

  27. Another of your "hey dandanakka hey danakunnaakaaa" posts !
    keep going!

  28. so u r gud at current affaisr too :D
    u proved it ...hehee:D

    but I wud disagree with the MJ part :)...though u meant it in a lighter vein...he was venerated for the timeless music and the messages he conveyed...and those child molestation charges were proven wrong too...

    loved the 'chimbu'..hehhee :D
    facebook- am Praveen Stoneage

  29. hiiii

    i loved the post as usual :)

    yup! i agree with ur points on MJ...its true

  30. Smile was on my saad:( Face just when I clicked your page from my Bookmarks was so sure It'll be something which will make me laugh or smile at least which I think is not very usual on me!

    Thanks Buddy ! we are the fans!

    On fbook!
    pushpendra Pandya

  31. u r added there in my facebook...

    and the reason for making dress for oprah is making double profits out of making clothes for Paris and Janet have loads of leftover as they don't require any and who would fit in them except Oprah :O...

  32. I am sure, anand will be in disaster in Jail? poor him? now he will be raped by inmate, LOL!

  33. hahaha... black cup as swine flu mask!
    Damned funny as usual

    Chinmayee Hiremath is my fb screen name

  34. Chriz, you could have considered YSR's tragic news too for this post ! Anyways, am glad about all that you poseted though none of the news were positively appealing. Anand deserved more. And am glad TR made his mind up to just STOP after Kuralarasan !! Can't imagine another little rock-star or whatever. I always clap the loudest for any obnoxious comments on TR, but something to tell you would be that I like chimpu a WEE-bit....seriously !!

  35. being a goody 2 shoes are you???, though it showed what it was supposed to show, in means it showed more than that, liked it very much

    world is becoming a horrible place to live.......

    and the screen name is Thousif Raza it has my own pic,(hope it doesn't scare u away)

    take care and keep writing..........

  36. Kuralasan or whatever is going to rock, I say !! Mind It !!! Ha ha ha.. And ur thala is super i say !!

  37. dear friend,
    how can u judge anand john this way?out of twenty three girls how many complained?just one girl!
    he agreed with foul play;but this punishment is too much.his mother n sissy are fighting it out!
    young age,fame,money,girls led him to all the beyond control situations.
    he can be punsihed but not at the cost of the entire life in prison!then more than half of the population would have been in prison!

  38. LOL!!! hahaha classic!! sounds like several newsbreaking bulletins put into one news hour/post :D

    btw do u have an orkut id?

  39. Now who would design clothing range for Paris Hilton and Janet Jackson? Paris Hilton seldom wears clothes. A Hand kerchief is more than enough to cover her face. But what would poor Janet Jackson do? I strongly believe that Janet Jackson is behind Anand getting arrested because he designed her tops for her show with justin Timberlake

    my god! Now this is Humor!!


  40. that was better than wat most news channels give us. so much in one post!!!!

  41. Jyoti Mathur is my fb screen name.


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