Breaking News: On Wednesday, 72 women around the globe were admitted for a peculiar case of neck sprain. They experienced pain on their neck and all of them reportedly admitted that they had spasms on their left shoulder. They also suffered from dysentery. After careful diagnosis, Doctors have finally found the reason behind their illness. These 72 women were last seen viewing a particular picture of Chronicwriter. An enlarged view of the picture is added here for viewer discomfort. [Photo]. Are these, the 72 virgins?

I received threats from all corners of the globe for posing half nude. A very homely lady, Sakhi Rawant even issued a public statement in a porn site.

The author of the Chronicwrite Blog, Chriz is a nobody. But he thinks very high
of himself. He does cheap stunts to catch people's attention. What does he think
of himself? By posing without a shirt, does he think that he can win the hearts
of girls around the globe? He is a shame to the country. If he really has the dolls, can he add a picture of him without his underwear?

Being a violent web-user, I happened to read the interview in the porn site. I am not gonna add the URL of the porn site because I do not have intentions to spoil the innocent minds of the budding youngsters around the globe.But if you still insist, you can shoot an e-mail to me. Sakhi Rawant's outrageous statement made me to think. I never felt sad or angry for all the bad things she told about me. Instead, it worked up my brain cells and I realised that she had a point in her words. So here is a picture of me without my underwear.

I was just 9 months old then. I hated wearing under wears. I had complete freedom. I could crawl anywhere around the house without any fear. I could even pee at any spot that i felt like releasing the pressure. I was an expert in digging up sand from latch holes on the floor. I even used to eat them. My dad would have thought that his son would become an archaeologist. When I grew up, my dad would have realised that he was building sand castles in thin air.

Many a times, I would be missing from the scene of action. My mom would panic big time and would search for me all around the house. But my dad exactly knew where to find me. He would also crawl like me and would sneak under the cot and would catch me in the far end corner under the cot. On all the occasions, I would be caught red handed for munching some delicacy. The delicacies for a nine month old baby are plastic objects, stone, chalk pieces, coins, wax candles and sand.

I was smart even when I was nine months old. I realised that my dad was catching me every time i played the hide and seek game. So I decided to hide in a place where no one could catch me. As usual, I was naked. I crawled around the house and finally decided to hide behind the big orange bucket in the bathroom. I slowly crawled towards the bathroom. On the way, I had the privilege of picking a small piece of paper which found its way into my mouth. I also picked up a Vicks Vaporub container that was lying under the table and continued to crawl. I was seeing Vicks Vaporub for the first time in my life. I finally reached the bathroom and I was happy that my mission was accomplished. I ended up positioning myself behind the big orange bucket. I waited for my parents to start searching for me.

After five minutes, my mother started her frantic search. She called my name aloud and started running around the house. My dad wasn't worried much. He knew where to find his son. So he crawled under the bed and was shocked not to find me there. Just before he could have his heart in his mouth, he heard a loud scream coming from the bathroom. He rushed to the bathroom. I was in tears.

Why did I cry?

Try applying Vicks vaporub on a baby's private parts and you will know the answer to the question. You can also try it on yourself. I am still scared of Vicks Vaporub.