Tuesday, June 30, 2009

345. Liar Liar. Pants on Fire

Hi everyone. This is Mr.X. (The alter-ego of Chronicwriter). As Chronicwriter is reluctant to write anything on his blog, i decided to come here and tell everyone one dark secret about Chronicwriter. He is a Liar. Don't believe anything that he says on this blog. (Ok. alright, You can believe all that he says about his folks and about his kids). But do not ever believe a single word when he says that he is in love. He is a total loser and he simply dreams about being in love with a hot girl and all that he writes in this page about his love life are figments of his wild imagination. I am ashamed to call myself as the alter ego of such a loser.

You might ask me why i am so irritated with him.I am mad at him because he tried fooling me this afternoon. I had a conversation with him and he tried to be too smart with me and that is the exact moment I decided that I am gonna tear his image into pieces. Please go through the conversation i had with him.

Mr.X: Hi Chriz! (Chrony/Chronicwriter). Why aren't you blogging or visiting any blogs these days?
Chrony: I couldnot find anymore fotos of her.
Mr.X: Whose photos?
Chrony: Divya
Mr.X: She is your girlfriend( Read this[link] to read about Chronicwriter's new girlfriend Divya)
Chrony: You believed that too? Hahaha
Mr.X: So you lied?
Chrony: I never lied. If only such a girl exists...
Mr.X: Then whose photo is that?
Chrony: She is a model. I just have three of her fotos.[photo-1] , [photo-2]
Mr.X: So you are gonna reveal to your blog mates that you played a prank
Chrony: No! I am not gonna do that. I just morphed her third picture along with me and i will continue to fool them by posting that picture in my next post.
Mr.X: But do you think that your readers believe you? They already know that you bluff in this page.
Chrony: But they will believe when i write one more post about Divya.
Mr.X: What Joy do you get by doing so? Are you really that desperate?
Chrony: If you are single like me, you will understand my feelings
Mr.X: I am not gonna accept all your excuses. I Will tear you apart by blowing the whistle
Chrony: Why would you do that?
Mr.X: So that you stop fooling around with your imagination.
Chrony: Come on... You can't do this to me
Mr.X: I could and I will. When you really get hitched, no one is gonna believe you.
Chrony: Hahaha. Even I am not gonna believe if such a thing happens.
Mr.X: Now don't try to crack a joke. I am gonna reveal this to the blog world. Bye

Chronicwriter went back to post something on his wall in facebook and I came here to write this post. By the way, do you want to see the third picture? If the answer is Yes, I can clearly say that, No One can really save you.
Please Note: The picture is so cute!!! Should I add it in the next post?
Before I leave I would like to give an advice to all the pregnant women in the world.
Mr.X's Advice to pregnant women
If you have an appointment with the dentist because of tooth ache and if you have an appointment with the gynaecologist for your regular check-ups, please make it sure that you go to the right person for the correct treatment. Remember that a dentist and a gynaecologist are different people performing different professional work


  1. Nice advice Mr.X, I am wondering why u said it :P

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    see i never believed ur story anyway....so u didnt fool me:)...and hence ur not a liar:D
    we still adore u Chriz...
    for the crazy laughter therapies u keep giving.....:D:D:D

    by the way whos this model...?and where did u get her pics from:D

    PS:-i didnt understand the advice of mr X...am i a duh!!?

  3. I know that how smart Chriz is......BTW thanks Mr. X. for revealing him... but that doesn't make any difference for me. his art is anyways great.
    I would like to see her Photo 3 :) W8ing

  4. Oh no!!! So sad! I am in mourning now!!! I want Divya bhabhi back. :(

  5. I always knew u wud play pranks and create such a fuss.. :I I too want Divya bhabhi back.. :)


  6. the cat is out of the bag:P
    though I always smelled a rat:D

  7. Oho. Yeh kya hora hai yahaan!!! Funny post.

  8. Chriz... missed your posts so much.. So Mr. X has revealed everything about you?? Wat a pity Chriz.. I know how difficult it is to be single that too for a guy cuz i see my friends lol!! anyway you saw the positive side of it which I like the most ...

    All the best for your galfriend hunting and for marriage :)

  9. Waiting to see the 3rd foto... btw Mr. X why are you giving such advices all of a sudden??? I accept am dumb cuz am not able to understand your dumb advice :P

  10. i knew it, the story was to good to be true, god let your pants catch on fire, put a photo of that and we will be more happy, then

    funny as ever chriz, keep on blogging yaar, you make the world a nice place, and why arent you at my blog, hope to see you there soon take care c ya

  11. look whoz talking

    thanks mr x

    we already knew tht it was a prank....haha thanks alter ego

    vaise that girl is beautiful

    ayyo chriz anna idhu enna.....

    unga wife enga anni yaa

    hahaha hahah hehehe

  12. oh my god!! i thought it was true.. cant believe u were lying.. was really happy for u.. anyways.. hope u get a the girl of ur dreams very soon...

  13. Mr. X,

    Don't blame him. I understand his desperation in totality. Y'see I am single too and I can understand it very well ;)


    Jokes apart, naan unmayaa nambinen theryumaa? :( Though you say this blog is full of lies in the headline itself. lol. And adhu yenna kadaseela advice???

    Denist and gynaecologist???!!! Ayyo, shabba! But welcome back and yes do post more :) :)

  14. hey pals... Subscribe this channel and receive regular alerts over SMS when Chronicwriter comes up wid a new post...


    cheers :)

  15. so does this mean divya is free??? cool!!!!

  16. and i believed u! and now i m feeling sad!:((

  17. See, I told you... experience teaches some things... I am not believing you... :P

  18. and so you finally found the way to end ur prank post :P

    take care bro :)

  19. I thought it was true.. :-(
    but waiting for the third pic :-)

  20. Chronicwriter Ujjalavukka maarittar pola???!!!!

  21. Hahaha... I knew there was something fishy! And thanks for the advice Mr.X @-) I will remember it when I get pregnant :-s

  22. I mean I will keep that in mind when I get pregnant* :P

  23. After reading your advice Sardar asked me "Rendu perum doctor thaane""??????

    Nalla advice thaan, I guess some of the people commented here didn't get the joke orelse you must be on the run from blogworld!!LOL

  24. ha ha ha.. pseudo lover!! hehe

  25. Well i knew this was coming...it was only a question of when!! he he anyway, room potu yosipingalo!!


  26. I knew it!!
    I knew it!!
    I knew it!!

    Hmmmmmm so u were indeed fooling us!!!

    And hereby I predict Chrony is gonna get hitched pretty soon!!! :D

  27. Well as long as the gf didn't take you away from blogging I am happy!! and yeah I did say on ur post that I don't believe your love story. Mr. X why is that I am beginning to like you more than a certain Mr. Fire pants...

  28. an apartment building in chennai that has 32 floors...? and then u climbed all that way? thank goodness i was skeptical lol

    but the post made for good entertainment... have to admit! and yes, why not? we r waiting to see pic 3!

    but damn, it shud have been true tho...u shud get hitched dude! u have a very romantic frame of mind... when u want it to be so! :P

  29. i knew it already!
    Chriz, you are such a despo! ;-)

  30. I did smile....Divya's super sizzling. Good choice...

    All the best (I'm assuming you're single)!

  31. I thght you would bring curtains down some other way. But this was good too:)
    And do post regularly! :)

  32. I thght you would bring curtains down some other way. But this was good too:)
    And do post regularly! :)

  33. no, now you are lying. why do you wanna surprise us, commmmon reveal the truth. I know Divya is for real.

    She has to, okey may be her photo is not real.

    And BTW, nice advice. i want to add that keep a gap between the dentist checkup and the gyn, you know the reason, dont you!!!1

  34. Y did Mr X think of such an advice??? What's the reason behind????Comeon i say, i want to know it now!!!!!!!!

  35. I KNEW IT!

    I told you at your first post itself! :D

    It's alrightt! We missed your posts.. Really! I hope they will resume now :)

  36. Tch tch....shame shame. :P

    Jhoot bola!!! Hmmpphhh. :P :D

    Great advice btw. ;)


  37. "i write fact n fiction... which is which is to be judged by my readers.."

    do u want to know who said this famous quote, Chriz??

    P.S : Third photo?? bring it on...

  38. sorry dude... but when u posted the pic .. u gave it away..

    :D :D .. she is too hot to be pataoed so easily

  39. tat was cool dude....and te gal is cute..so if u r not hitched... ahem ahem......can i..ahem ahem.

  40. Aah...finally the truth is out..the Secret profile of ur 'Divya' was a big give-away ;)
    Sorry for you but happy for the blogging world in general, atleast the romantic posts will cease and u will continue having time to write and comment more :P

  41. ok! nothing new ur revealing...ur advice is cool though...will remember it for future:)

  42. But my gynocologist did such a good job with my crowns???

  43. The moment I couldn't find 30 comments by Divya on your posts ,I knew you were fooling around . .but was it you who made Divya's blog with restricted permissions ? and fed us the link .I was wondering what she wrote about in there being a sports column writer . . .

  44. y did u admit that so soon...i wanted some more of ur divya-dream-tale...:(

  45. But my dentist did a great job with my womb! He cleaned it. lol!


  46. I hope that girl doesn't sue u now :P

    Nice prank ..22 years Sports Journalist...The description was a little suspect anyways :P

  47. i added the last joke on purpose to find the percentage of blog readers who understands the thin line between perverted jokes and clean humor

  48. hahahahhahah Dai ennaku ethu eppovee theryumeee

  49. hahahahhahah Dai ennaku ethu eppovee theryumeee

  50. knew it from the start... waiting for the third pic

  51. Hahahahahahaha!!!

  52. everything is a ploy. everything exists ... or not. and whether it exists or not is an illusion. to believe or not to believe ... is NOT the question. Its a belief. The truth however, is only one : Chrony is a liar! na na na na naa!! :P

  53. i knew no one can take ur Renu's place :P

  54. knew something was fishy!! loved the advice you gave to pregnant womans :)))

  55. All I can do it laugh!! and Shake my head at one of your comments!! I am sure you know which one!!

    Chriz you are a mess! lol


  56. long tym ago I did tha same.so I knewwwwwwww it :P

  57. yeah, pregnant women going to dentist is a bad idea.
    btw, Mr. X, how often do u appear on blog.

  58. i kinda prefer mr.x to chriz...
    he seems to have some high moral grounds....

  59. All hail Mr.X :D Good job Mr.X...

    Honestly, the prank posts were really good :) And so is this one...

    Chriz, you've truly truly got an amazing sense of humour :)

    Keep blogging!!! Cheers :)

  60. I smiled

    Everything about you interests me. From the Somewhere-over-the-rainbow clip to the well-planned way of yours of presenting humour.

  61. X...you are jealous of Chrony...plain and simple jealous...you know his gf is imaginary and still cant hide your jealousy...huh...you be-fit as an alter-ego! Sigh!
    Btw, which pregnant woman went to the gyneacologist for a root canal? ;)

  62. I love you Mr. X..marry me?
    Chris is a liar..I'm setting his pants on fire with you =P

  63. Well, FYI Mr.X and no offense I think everybody knows that there aint no Divya, and probably they wont believe when Chriz gets hitched for real !!

    Just dont tell him that !

  64. Whoooaaaa... I was on the verge of believing it if...only if there was one more post of Divya....Phew!

  65. Dhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu X-(
    Will sue u now X-(

  66. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.. I loved your conversation :) So no Divya uh? the next time when you fall in love and if you decide to share it with your friends, I doubt if they'd believe you.
    But thanks to the fictional Divya, we got two good posts :)

  67. Heeeeheeee.Hic!

    I knew it!

    I was going to write one more comment about how all her images are bmp, while digicams by default produce jpg or jpegs. And there would be no reason why you would go and change the file to a less efficient format. Many of the Jeremy-Jolenas also I found to be jpgs, in agreement with the theory.

    Also I was going to say how, if it were so recent love, a sensible person like you (Yes You! - Sesnible!) would not lay it out as public gossip. You would definitely feel slight insecurity (ok maybe lot), cos if the thing fizzles out, the blog posts would kinda haunt you.

    I was going to write all this long back, but then these days I have stopped writing, on my blog or other's :P

  68. @stupidosaur

    very very smart boy.. i am starting a stupid detective academy. i'd make you the vice president of the firm.. your service and the time you spend to decode the loppholes can be used in the academy.. :p

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