I have always had an admiration for left handed guitarists. I started learning guitar when i was in class 3. I was 7 years old then. I am right handed. But i always used to dream about playing the guitar in left handed position. My dream never came true. I did my first ever guitar concert when I was 8 years old.Left handed guitarists have always had the centre stage. My first inspiration was Jimi Hendrix. His native American style of riffing blues along with jazz is a feet that was never achieved by anyone in the string industry.

Another left handed guitarist who had my attention was Kurt Kobain. The nirvana stringster is one of the all time great songwriters in history. He had a very short life.His punk rock style of plucking the guitar sure was a complete contrast to his rough stoned external looks.

How could one write a post on music without Beatles in it. Beatles is my all time favorite secular band. They were the innovators of all genres of music. John Lennon had the voice that any man would always dream of. But Paul McCartney was the heart-throb, not just because of his looks and his skills with the bass guitar but also because of the fact, that he was a leftie.

If there is one name that comes into my mind when i think about surf-stringing, it has to be Dick Dale.In the sixties,he introduced single-note staccato technique which is now very popular among death-metal bands

There is a new left handed guitarist in the block. He will make it big one day. He is now 4 years old. He doesn't play any chords nor does he riff along with the strings;but he sure knows how to use the guitar. He is my nephew Jeremy. He will soon start taking guitar classes. But his interest for the six-stringed instrument is so great that he is already performing in the dining room, hall and bedroom.Check one of his home performances here.It is a one minute video.It wont take much time for you to view the video. So please view the video before commenting on this post.

To view Chronicwriter's first on-stage performance (20 years ago),click here[link]