Saturday, June 13, 2009

341. Chronicwriter is Hitched

Some people just walk into our life and perform magic tricks with our heart. I have never experienced LOVE in the romantic sense. I have walked in this planet Earth for the past 27 years and there has been crushes and infatuations and i have even had the HOTS for a few girls. But I was never ever reciprocated with love.But they say that change is the only constant thing, and that change happened in my life two weeks back. I first saw her 12 days back. Now as I type this post I am so glad because her words," Chriz, I love you too" is still echoing in my ears. Now, even I know the feeling of being by loved by someone so sweet and special.Yes! Chronicwriter is hitched.
How did it happen?
I live in the 32 floor in a two bedroom apartment. I am very close with all my neighbours. My previous post was on my 7 year old neighbour Ryan. The opposite house remained unoccupied for more than three weeks.The previous inhabitants were a bunch of unruly bachelors and the owner of the apartment asked them to vacate the place.But 12 days back, someone moved in and occupied the house. I was very glad because now I did not have to always look at a locked door. But when i went to see the new occupant, the house was locked. Later I came to know from a neighbour that a girl has moved in and she has gone for work. I waited till evening and finally caught a glimpse of her when she made her entry into her house on her way back from work. She was very cute.
The next day, I woke up early and again found the door locked. By evening, I had gathered few information about the girl.
Name: Divya Sukumar (Sukumar is her father's name)
Job: Sports Journalist in a very reputed media firm.
Mother Tongue: Tamil
These information were more than enough for a bachelor like me. The next two hours were spent on the net to find out all the information about Divya. Thanks to social networking sites and blog-networks, i finally gathered a few more information about her.
Age: 22 years (A gap of 5 years. I am 27)
Height: 5 feet 2 inches (Yipee! I said to myself)
Status: Single (One of the social networking sites mentioned that Divya had never been in a relationship)
In one of the social networking sites, she had stated that she was interested in humorous people. That made my day. I also found that she was a blogger and also found her blog URL [link]. But i was very much disappointed because I could not gain access to her blog as it was open only for invited readers. But I started reading all her articles in her sports page and i really liked her writing skills. I even sent her an email saying that I was a blogger and I would be happy if she could grant me access to her blog. She did not bother to reply. She did not know that the mailer was actually her opposite guy neighbour. I was disappointed because she did not even bother to check my blog either.
Now I really wanted to meet her and talk to her. I noticed her daily routine. She left for work at 8 a.m, and returned from work at 7 p.m. So i decided to meet her in the lift. I was Glad because the lift travel would take almost a minute because we were in the 32nd floor. The next morning, i woke up early and went to the lift bay at 7.50 a.m. She came there at 8 a.m. The next moment we were inside the lift. Her perfume was so soft and tender. I couldn't speak to her. That's when I realised that LOVE can even freeze a non-stop-chatter-box's mouth.

That evening I travelled with her from ground floor till the 32nd floor. We walked side by side and we opened our doors at the same time and our eyes met just before we shut the doors of our houses.I smiled at her and she gave back the sweetest smile I have ever see in my life. I was the happiest guy around. I started jumping around. The lift journeys continued and in the next three days we had exchanged a few words too, " Hello, Good morning, Good evening, Hi, Floor number 32 please". Last week, i had the opportunity to carry on a conversation with her because the lift was not in working condition and we had to climb all the 32 floors. Almost everyone would have hated such a climb; but that was the best climb i ever had. We talked about our likes, dislikes and i found out that she was a good conversationist too. Finally when we reached the 32nd floor, she was very tired

Me: Did you get a mail from a blogger asking for permission to view your blog?

She: Yes. How do you know that?

Me: You are speaking to him.

I gave her my blog link and we said good night to each other. The next morning, i found that she had commented on 30 posts of mine. She even sent a chat invite to my mail id. She also sent an invite to read her blogs. I was the most happiest person in the world. We spent hours on chatting with each other and soon we were talking to each other on the phone. We found that we were very comfotable with each other. For the last four nights we were having our dinner together. This evening I jokingly quipped,"Divya! Shall we get married?" "Why not" came the instant reply. Silence followed. Our eyes spoke the language of love.

"Was that a serious answer"

"Yes It was. I think I have found my guy!"

"Can I make you mine?"

"You can!"

"Let me make it sound classical then. Girl;-I Love You"

"Chriz,I love you too"

We walked back together. Hands held together. It was completely a new feeling for me. I did not want to leave her hand. I came back to my place and I rang her up

She:Yes Chrony (She calls me Chrony when she gets mushy)

Me:I am gonna blog about you.

She: I dont think you would do that.

Me:Why would you say that?

She: You always write funny stuffs in your blog. I don't think you would write something like this

Me:Everything has a new beginning. I am also adding a picture of you in my blog

She: Are you serious?

Me: Yes! The one in your facebook profile.

She: Your readers would treat it as a joke.

Me: I don't think so.

She: Ok. Tell me when you publish it. I want to be the first one to read it.

After our call got over, I started typing this post. I even gave a call to my mom and said,"Mom! Your son has finally found a daughter-in-law for you". "Don't fool around". " Check my blog mommy". By the way, this is my Divya.



  1. :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) (infinity of these): if these don't nothing will ever say anything!). And that WAS beautifully written... and at least I knew you could write other stuff from your past writes.

    Cheers! :-)

  2. wtf.. whr the **** (i meant hell) u found dis gal wid the "D" pendant?

    great (n smart) gooooglin...!

  3. Okay Chriz, I am like torn between Congrats and I hope you are telling the truth!


    She is a pretty girl! really pretty!

    I want an invite to the ceremony!




    *tight hugs*

    you have got hitched???

    n that divya smiled at me thing wat a joke!!:O

    i m soo happy for you man!!!


  5. just my hope that this is truth .. and a lots of best wishes !!!!!


    Congrats a ton ! and this was a lovely post :)

  6. The girl is awsome... but I don't buy your story..

    pulli varudhu kadhai theriyuma? neenga unamaiyae sonnalum yaarum namba poradhila parunga ;)

  7. its been long since i blogged or checked my blogroll..and this is one helluva surprise chris...
    hehe...but having read your blogposts before., are infamous for these kinda pranks so i ll wait a lil before i say the words ;)

  8. Wow!

    Anna ... you got hitched! Wow!

    My best wishes to you and Divya...

    I want an invite soon to the ceremony guys! :D

    Yays... yennakku anni kadachitaa!!

  9. wow..girl looks hot.. i want her..

  10. ooooo..the best ever ...tats a lovely post prason.. congrats to u two :-)..

  11. i thought you'd ne'er write about it.. still i am all smiles :)

  12. i still doubt if its true ...:P...anyways congrats man :)..


  13. Cutest of your posts... So romantic :) btw you make calls to gal opposite to your flat?? and I loved the way you spontaneously proposing her :) any gal will love that and Divya is Lucky :)

    Again congrats for the good news :P maatikiningala lol!!!!

    You are not only a humor blogger. A romance blogger too Chriz!!!! Beautifully written..

  14. and Chriz... forgot to mention.. she looks beautiful :) cute :)

  15. 6 minutes and 17 comments . .!!!!!!!What more can be said . . .

  16. i hope its true :) n if it is thn congos buddy...n she is cuteee :)

  17. Sigh... It happens to even the best of 'em, eh?
    Congrats dude! :-) All the best!

  18. you got me confuseddddddd!!!!
    whats the truth?
    the girl in the pic is very pretty btw and ofcourse if this story is real...its aweee-shoooo-shweeet!

  19. confused me :| :O?!
    btw gal is pretty..i mean hot :D

    n if this is real...
    congratessssss...happy for u >:D<

  20. I will sue you for misguiding me on told me she was only 4 yrs old and now ur telling me that she is 22? X-( I am really angry and somebody is gonna get hurt really bad :D :P (somebody ;) )


  21. K... I feel like a cat on the wall. Dont know whether

    2 give congrats 2 U


    @ laugh it off as another prank of yours.

    but that link seemd authentic.

    Anyways I will wait.. :)

  22. wow!!!

    Congrats!! (Provided u r not fooling around :P)

  23. Congratulations :) And just as Smita said... Hope you aren't fooling us...

  24. Hmm..I believe u, I believe u not, I believe u, I...

  25. WOW, every Dog has a day, looks like its your day(no offense, just kidding :)))), Man.

    CONGRATS, SHe is Amazingly Pretty. Cute that is. Ciao, Take care:)))

  26. Hey dude, Nice life you have got: Enjoy!

  27. wow someone has actually hitched congrats
    but then do i believe this piece...or is there a twist coming up?

  28. Are YOU Serious? :O

    If yes then congratulations! :D

  29. hey I liked Harish's comment :) checked the link and it is not going..
    contemplation near the window? it screams phony especially when you said "I looked out the window and saw Divya." Chriz have mercy... tell us if congratulations are in order..

  30. I smell a rat...though I really hope I smell wrong.

  31. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING......!!!!!!! I just wish this story were true....but again, you can never trust the Chroniuc Writer, I mean his crazy imaginations...!!!!!

  32. Looks like our next party would be a family one bro :)

    take care... cheers...

  33. My reply would have sweet..congrats! had I not seen the 4th commandment..this blog is FULL of lies.

    But that was sooo romantic..and funny :D

  34. But if in the remotest of cases this indeed is true..then wOw..all the best! :)

  35. congrats chriz....this is the first time i am dumping into your blog,nice one !!

    all the best in your love life


  36. Is this TRUE? Pray Unveil.

  37. WoW...All the best Chriz....!!!

  38. waoh ..congo mann ...All the best fir the future....But I still wonder if it's true or not :P

  39. m not congratulatin u so soon...u have to put up d weddin pics first

  40. OMG! Congratulations man! She is super cute! Congrats to both of you!

  41. dnt cry again and block her in your blogs later (if at all she exists)

  42. That was a quickie

    First you let us know about the girl smiling at you and the next thing we know, she is saying "I Love You"??

    I am at my wits end whether to believe it or not. Why not write another post telling that this rumor is true :))

  43. hey dude...
    is it true????
    or are u violating your 5th commandment ???

    5.This blog is the first ever blog in the world.

  44. I dun believe you. I mean shez too much for u :P
    LOL if the write up is true then I am kidding and If it's not true then I am serious :D

  45. Tell me honestly've really met the woman of your life, or are you pulling our leg like always? She's pretty..and I would like to visit her blog tooo.:p..Heartiest Congratulations if you're serious! :)..but I dunno..I find it weird to have this pretty girl smitten by you'..happy life!

    PS-You walked up 32 goddamn floors? WTF!?!?!?

  46. 4.This blog is a collection of lies.

    Hah! :D

  47. congrats...if its nt a joke :P

    i am back on blogging!

    keep penning!


  48. hey saar,serious huh?? I pretty much doubt it,thats why.. :p

    If yes,mighty congratulations bro..nice gal.. :)


  49. Last night I had a tough time finding those 30 comments . . . . .

  50. puli varudhu varudhunu solli, vandha yaarum nambamaatangale! LOLZ!! Happy mush-and goo days ahead! :P

  51. Wow.... cool!!!


    I'm so happy for you :) She's a pretty girl :) And I wish the best for you two!

    Woohooooo...!!! Another blogger getting hitched *high five*


  52. if this is true, then congratulations bro, n yes she is pretty..

  53. YOU are SERIOUS! :-0
    Ayways... congrats!
    and she is really pretty :-)

  54. One of the ten commandments at the top of your page says 'This blog is full of lies'..

    So yeah, I will wait for some time before I congratulate you ;)

  55. Okay... let's take this slowly... I see a Divya who's commented and her profile is also not public... so I don't doubt her existence but I've had quite a few of your "love" stories, so she could be a partner in crime, or she could be a partner for life... either way...

  56. Pretty fast :P

    I mean..i not sure if i can say a "congozz" to u :)

  57. Congrates Chriz!! I am really happy for you. But only if this not another of lies :)

  58. hmm..hmm..hmm...will wait a lil bit more before congratulatin you..dont trust u much.

  59. OMG really? Really really? Wow congrats! I'l take your word for it man :P

  60. bro btw i wanted to ask ya...dontcha live in chennai?? if thr was a buildin that had 32 floors in chennai i guess it wud extend all d way to colombo

  61. You know what? On second thought, I agree with Mayz! and u say u climbed all that 32 floors??!! u've got to be kidding me... something's fishy here. I take back my congrats! LOL

    will give it again when i'm completely sure...! even with the inaccessible (private) blog link and the Divya who has commented in this section... i have my doubts.

    but if it's actually true... will cheerfully return the congrats LOL

  62. ooo where all those 30 comments?/
    liar :P
    give my congrates back...

  63. i see 'her' comment its true !!!

    but, on second thoughts it could very well be u only :P

    be happy both ways...

  64. at new URL the latest post to know the reason for the new URL!


  65. wo!!...jus bn a while sinc iv been followin yr blogs...

    n i had to blink a coupl o times b4i did manage to tell myself - its believable! pal ;)

  66. Congrats!! She is v v cute!!

  67. heartWARMING!!

    ...assuming it's non-fiction!

    All the same,
    Bests to both of you... :)

  68. wow! I'd really like to congratulate you, but something about the story sounds too nice n breezy to be true. You know, like a naive teenager's dream or something.

  69. ok if its true, then congrats,
    if its not true, then one slap :X

    nice write up..
    and she looks great :D

  70. nahhh! i dont blv u. or shall i?

    ummm ...anyways congrats chriz. :)

  71. Ok !! You have me stumped !! Don't know to grin as I imagine the next coming zinger or go Awwwww.... :D

    I wish you the best either ways :)

  72. hey congratulations...
    so beautifully written.
    love at first sight!!aha:))

  73. such a beautiful and honest post.. congrats guy.. n wishing u all the happiness in the world.. u both really make a grt pair.. wow.. this is amazing n a gud newS... "chronicwriter has finally found his love"...kudos...!!!`

  74. I hope ur 'lying' this time cos she looks just 16 lol!


  75. i seriously dont believe this!!
    chriz will never leave his lies behind!!

    damn sure, its one of ur prank!
    am nt going to wish u until u put a photo here with u both together! :P
    that will be a finest proof.. :D

    waiting for the pic! ;)


  76. Hope itz not a prank.

    She is so pretty and yeah u r right... she is very cute...:)

    You are one lucky person and so is she. Congrats!!

  77. do we know whether you are joking or serious?!! If you are serious..then congrats :)


  78. That was amazing quick!! CONGRATS!!

  79. u met a girl 12 days ago and now u writng love post on her... man u r awesomly fast and greatly lucky :P

    best of luck :)

  80. Congrats!! hope you are not joking :P

  81. If its true, than i am happy more than you are chriz, you deserve this yaar

    badi asaani se patali bhai ;),

    but i am really happy for you

    and she is really pretty and really cute

    i sure hope this is true again, it is na chriz? ;), keep me posted

    and lovingly written i liked it a lot

    take care and keep writing......

  82. If its true then God Bless yu,...but just have one question.. 32nd floor??? hmmm that's wat am wonderin!

  83. Congrats. Let the journey ahead be happy and humorous for both of you. :-)

  84. Don't know what to finding it a little fishy u see...not the usual chronic stuff makes my 8th sense too just sitting and watching and praying for Divya...

  85. are u serious??if this is true then congrats. :P

  86. Chrissssssss..Divya is really pretty!!
    The make up is just perfect! So subtle and sexy!!

    Tamil and blogger!!! Thts too much of a coincidence..
    And climbing 32 flrs…mannnn!!! This is plain luck!!!

    God bls the two of yal..
    PS: if this turns out to b a joke, I’ll b vry disappointed…

  87. oooo !! oooo !! awesome !

  88. i dont wanna congratulate and then look like a fool myself for having believed yet another lie of yours...

    whichever ways... nice post :)

  89. Nice fooling us dude!

    Here are my reasons to beleive you are fooling us:
    1) The 'Divya' who commented on this post has not made her profile public. (very convenient)
    2) The line she has typed does not at all look like coming from a real girl, especially in love etc. It does however match how a guy thinks a girl might think. I am having a very strong gut feeling about this.
    3) You say she commented on 30 posts recently. How I wish I could refute tis. But I haven't subscribed to comments here. Those who have might be able to disprove this! Google search withing your site does not seem to pick up comments :P. Or maybe I don't know how to do it :P
    4) Aha this one is a whopper!
    'She' has a blog eh buddy?
    Is it this one you say?

    Hah! It was created 2 days ago. Just in time for your post!

    So in which month were you gonna cry April Fool? Next April ;) ?

    OK just in the very rare 0.00000000001 % chance that there is truth in what you say, although coccoooned within a lot of lies, then you can still shout April Fool for this next 1st April. Cos then shouting "April Fool" would be the true fooling part. Cos you were not fooling. Hence saying on 1 April that you were fooling would be the fooling part ;)

  90. btw yesterday the last pic didn;t upload in my browser....

    today it did..



    she looks amazingly m so J of u and cursing my singlehood :P


    lucky u :P

  91. Aha...she looks beautiful. Congrats yaar chriz...i am so so happy for u :)

  92. ohmygod congrats chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. i thank everyone for the wishes..
    also thank everyone who doubted the authenticity of the content..
    i also thank the real detective souls who spent enough time to find a loophole in the post and in the process succeeding in finding a few too..

    lot of lies and blown up facts.. but the truth always remains..

  94. A request...a pic of both of you together for clearing all thats in the air...I mean the doubts! :P
    100!! yay!! :D

  95. I am new for this Blog environment, cartoonist- hari introduced me here. i blogrolled many profiles, but this one impressed me, simply romantic.

    Pray for your marriage life. am an unlucky fellow to hold my girls hand. after reading ur blog i felt good. reaally impressed, regards to div sis.

  96. WOw, that was so romantic...

    i love happy endings...
    get married guys...

    my best wishes...

  97. OMG!! I don't believe how late I'm here!!

    Anyway, I'm off to get a hajmola for myself to digest all that you wrote here. :P

    Your imagination surely knows no bounds. :P

  98. Okay there buddy.. Now she is 22(?) AND she is a Tamilian(??)

    Are you serious?!

    She looks like a 18-19 year old punjabi/sindhi girl. Seriously.

    Who are we kiddin here?


    Too hard to believe. You need to come up with some solid proof now. :P

  99. Mama r u serious!!!!!!!
    I cant believe it!!!!!!
    I cant believe a blog lik dis!!!

  100. I saw her comments too...
    Still i cant believe...
    Mamaaaa congrats...

  101. hey dude , thats a great love story , u see some person walked into my life similarly , but she never replied the same way ur gal did .... sad for me .. anyways really happy for u , wish u a great life ahead with her


  102. Stay blessed. Both of you.

    I should have read this post before commenting on the first one... Ah well... :)


  103. lolz... is that true??? U broke my heart.. bah :(

  104. Another lie factory production?

    btw...'chrony' was patented by rude!

  105. hey, congrats..........she's cute indeed!


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